Recap / Tales From The Crypt S 2 E 1 Dead Right

On her lunch break, Cathy finch stops by fortune-teller Madame Vorna on a suggestion by her friend, Vorna tells her a fortune for free: that Cathy will lose her job, but gain a new one in the same day, Cathy laughs off the psychic's advice and returns to work, only for her to actually lose her job because she clocked out of lunch a few minutes late and later gains a new job as a waitress at a strip club.

Cathy pays another visit to Vorna, who gives her another prediction: while working, she will come across a man that she will marry who will inherit a great fortune and then die violently. Only problem for Cathy is that the man is Charlie Marno, a fat, slovenly, lecherous man who tries to hit on Cathy when he first meets her, Cathy runs out of the club to go Vorna's, only for her to repeat the statement from the man and confirming that Charlie is in fact that man.

Cathy gives Charlie a date but unfortunately for her, it was the date of her absolute nightmares, but wanting the fortune, she agrees to Charlie's marriage proposal because of him telling her that he has a rich factory-owning uncle. Cathy puts up with months of Charlie's disgusting and lazy way of life, until Charlie drops a bombshell on Cathy: that his uncle has a family, learning that she married Charlie for absolutely nothing, Cathy confronts Madame Vorna about her false predictions, but Vorna sticks with her prediction.

A short time later, Cathy stops by an automat machine and is soon surprised when she is announced to be the automat's 1,000th customer, winning a contest for a extremely healthy sum of money, Cathy is of course overjoyed with the announcement. Later on, Cathy returns to Charlie's apartment to gloat about her winnings, telling him that she never loved him and that every day with him was like an eternity in Hell.

Cathy's cruel and vicious put-downs finally send Charlie over the edge, with him picking up a knife and telling her that if he can't have her, no one can, Cathy helplessly tries to calm Charlie down and attempt to talk him out of it, he then plunges the knife into Cathy's chest, numerous, numerous times while screaming "If I can't have you, nobody can!" until Cathy is dead.

It turned out that Vorna's prediction was correct: only instead, Cathy was the one to have inherited a fortune, then died and Charlie inherited the fortune but was soon arrested and executed for the murder. Right where Vorna was watching the newscast of Charlie's execution, a young woman steps into her shop and asks if she can predict the fortune, possibly repeating the cycle....