Recap: Super Smash Bros Monday Melee LIVE

    Episode 1: Sometimes Things Get Complicated 
It's the debut episode of Super Smash Bros. Monday Melee LIVE!, and expectations are high for this new series. However, things go haywire within the episode, as a group of outsiders from other companies form an alliance with not so noble intentions. Calling themselves Third Party Order, they want to take over the SSB fighting promotion, and they will do anything to succeed.

  • This episode takes place at Hyrule Temple.
  • The matches here will be one-on-one no items matches. The combatant who knocks his opponent off the screen first wins. Any non-combatants will be on platforms to the sides of the arena.
  • For now, the 3pO is just forming itself and revealing its intentions, while the Smashers are putting together their own alliance to counter them.
  • No title matches will occur. The Tag Team belt currently belongs to the Ice Climbers, who will be an NPC duo not present at this match. Anyone allied with the Smashers should PM me before midnight US Pacific Time if they're interested in having their character hold either the Heavyweight or Television belt.
  • The episode ends when every PC has fought in a match and the last two to fight have ended their battle.

    Episode 2: Free-for-All 
The lines of battle have been drawn, and the higher-ups at Nintendo don't like it. To try and turn the 3pO on itself, the execs decide that the next match will pit everyone against everyone else and put the Television belt on the line for whoever can take the championship. The 3pO have a chance to take the belt away from the Smashers and scare the crap out of the SSB promotion. The question is, will they pull it off?

  • This episode takes place at Yoshi's Island. To accomodate for the amount of fighters in this one, there will be many clouds around the stage that function so everyone has someplace to stand.
  • This match is a free-for-all between all participants. Healing items will be encased in eggs that pop up randomly during the fight, ranging in effectiveness from the measly strawberry all the way up to the mighty Maxim Tomato. The last two combatants standing will be healed to full strength before facing off.
  • The last combatant standing will take the Super Smash Bros. Television belt home and have to defend it in future episodes.
  • The Smashers and 3pO cannot officially factionalize, but it certainly helps to create alliances to try and ensure one side or the other has the winning combatant.
  • The episode ends when the winner is presented with their shiny new championship belt.

    Episode 3: Out of Space 
After the grueling free-for-all in the last episode, the next match brings things relatively back to normal. However, the free-for-all did nothing to break up the factionalization- it only encouraged both sides to fight further to either maintain the status quo or change it. With their sudden ability to breathe in the vacuum of space in tow, the combatants are sent to some out-of-this-world duels.

  • This episode takes place at Sector Z.
  • The matches in this episode will be one-on-one matches with the full range of items from Super Smash Bros. available. Non-combatants will still be on purple platforms separate from the action.
  • The battle between sides will continue to shift with the addition of the next bullet point in this list.
  • From this episode onward, combatants may request a future title shot to claim the Television belt set for the next episode. These must be approved by the majority of participants in the Backstage Discussion before it can proceed. Once approved, it will happen in the episode after the challenge is issued as the second-to-last match of the episode.
  • The episode ends when everyone has fought in a one-on-one match.

    Episode 4: Ready, Aim, Fire 
With tensions running high, the SSB executives decide it's time to relieve some of the stress that's come up in the past three episodes. They decide to hold a breather episode based around various obstacle courses with targets in them. Whoever wins the competition earns a shot at the Heavyweight Championship.

  • This episode takes place in a series of Break the Targets stages. Each one is uniquely tailored to the speciations of each participant.
  • Each combatant will have twenty-five posts (two minutes in-universe), not including what other characters do or say, to break all ten targets. Once they break nine targets, an Elite Mook of some sort from the contestant's home universe, will appear and try to knock the combatant out. Whoever breaks the tenth target and slays their foe in the fastest time wins.
  • Unless they are placed directly next to each other, you may not break multiple targets in one post. Furthermore, it will be up to a random number generator rolled by me whether or not one succeeds in breaking the target.
  • The episode ends when the winner of the competition is crowned with their contract for a shot at the title in episode 6.

    Episode 5: A Game of Tag 
By popular demand from fans, the producers force the combatants to form tag team partnerships and go head to head. Through mysterious connections, the 3pO has rigged the episode so that one tag team consisting of two of its members will go head to head with the current Tag Team belt holders, the Ice Climbers. It's going to take teamwork and coordination to fight this one out.

  • This episode takes place at Princess Peach's Castle.
  • The matches in this episode will be tag-team matches with no items. Unlike a normal tag-team match, the match ends when both members of a team are knocked out.
  • Partners may tag in on the topmost part of the castle roof. While tagged out, they will be provided with one parasol for battering the opposing side's tagged-in member. However, if the parasol is thrown or they move from the tagging point to attack, they lose the parasol for the rest of the match.
  • The episode ends when any Television title shots and the battle between the Ice Climbers and their 3pO challengers has concluded.

    Episode 6: I Choose You! 
There's an electricity in the air for this one, because tonight someone will challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship. If the 3pO get their hands on it, they'll have newfound bargaining power backstage, and that's something the Smashers can't afford. This will be a critical fight.

  • This episode takes place at Pokémon Stadium.
  • The matches in this episode will be one-on-one matches with Poke Balls as the only items available. These will be common enough for each combatant to use at least one, but not so abundant as to dominate the match.
  • The Smashers need to protect the Heavyweight Title at all costs. Likewise, the 3pO needs to take it at all costs.
  • The episode ends after the title match concludes.

    Episode 7: Ruff in the Jungle Bizness 
This episode changes the dynamics of the fight significantly. By placing three combatants in the arena at a time instead of two, members of the same faction can gang up temporarily, but eventually they will have to fight each other. The executives hope this will create friction within the 3pO. When they do allow a fourth member into the mix, it won't be one that can fit along stable lines...

  • This episode takes place at Kongo Jungle.
  • The matches in this episode will be three-way matches where all items come in barrels. There can be no ties here.
  • Both sides need to be aware that they cannot let an intra-faction fight create tension within the group.
  • The episode ends after the battle between the last three combatants and Giant DK concludes.

    Episode 8: Jump Around 
After the harrowing finish of the last episode, both sides could use a breather. As such, this episode is set up as another competition for a Heavyweight title shot. This time, the participants wil be challenged at their platforming skills. The question here is, who came to get down?

  • This episode takes place in a series of Board the Platforms stages. As with the Break the Targets episode, each course will be designed to suit the abilities of the participant who goes through it.
  • Each combatant will have twenty-five posts (two minutes in-universe), not including what other characters do or say, to land on all ten platforms. Once they land on nine platforms, an Elite Mook of some sort from the contestant's home universe will appear and try to knock the combatant out. This will be a different enemy than faced the previous time around. Whoever reaches the tenth platform and slays their foe in the fastest time wins.
  • The episode ends when the winner has received the contract for a shot at the title in episode 9.

    Episode 9: Dreaming of Battle 
After that breather, the tension has ratcheted back up again because it's time for another Heavyweight title shot. Before that, however, it's time for everyone to have a conflict with themselves- well, the next best thing, at least. It's raining Kirbys out here.

  • This episode takes place at Dream Land.
  • Each combatant except the Heavyweight Champion and their challenger will face a Kirby who has already copied that combatant's abilities. The objective here is simply to defeat that Kirby. If a combatant loses their match, then any Kirbys that follow will all have the abilities of that fallen combatant as well as the abilities of the combatant they face.
  • Once again, this is a counter-measure so the Smashers and 3pO don't just blow each other up in rage. However, this by no means prevents scheming from going on.
  • The episode ends when the Heavyweight title match is over.

    Episode 10: Turning up the Heat 
After trying to hold down the SSB-3pO tensions for episodes with no success in breaking the groups up, the executives effectively throw their hands in the air and yell "Fine! Have your little clique fights!" by holding another tag-team throwdown along faction lines. They also ensure that the last match of a night will be a battle between a 3pO team and an SSB team for the Tag Team belt. However, this time the rules are a little different. Will the war for Monday Melee ''explode like never before? Or has the tension started to melt into the acid?'

  • This episode takes place on Brinstar.
  • The matches in this episode are tornado tag-team matches, which basically boil down to regular team battles where both members are in the ring at the same time. There's no need to tag anyone in or out. The winning team is the one who knocks out both of the other side's members first.
  • The teams here are the same as they were in the last tag-team match.
  • The episode ends when the Tag Team title match is over.

    Episode 11: Heavy Metal 
The executives have told everyone that this will be a no-nonsense, back-to-basics episode. It's a small stage with few items and no home turf. However, there's a surprise for whoever's left standing at the end of the last match...

  • This episode takes place at Meta Crystal.
  • The matches here are one-on-one, non-participants-on-platforms-away duels. The only item available is the Metal Box.
  • The executives are doing absolutely nothing to prevent factionalism from dominating this one.
  • The episode ends when the last match's winner finishes their fight with Metal Mario.

    Episode 12: I'll Race You 
After the heavy-hitting finish of the last episode, it's time for one more non-fighting episode. This time, however, it won't be a one-at-a-time contest to see who can do something the fastest. This time everyone is pitted against everyone else in a five-floor race to a mysterious door. The first three to reach the door get to pick when they enter the arena on the next episode.

  • This episode takes place on this Race to the Finish course.
  • The combatants will start on the far left of the fifth floor. Their goal is to dodge rolling bombs, bumpers, and each other's attacks to get to the door on the far right of the first floor first.
  • There's no time limit here, but the combatants are allowed to hit each other as much as they want on the way down these five floors. The course has no way for someone to get knocked out, so combatants will have to change their strategy to accomodate that.
  • At any time, a combatant can quit the race, whether they think they're too injured or they know it won't matter. However, those who quit are automatically dead last. If multiple combatants quit, then the first one to quit is last, the second to quit is second-to-last, and so on.
  • The episode ends when everyone has either reached the door or given up. At that point, the top three submit when in the next episode they want to enter the arena.

    Episode 13: A Royal Rumble 

    Episode 14: Things Get Cagey 

    SmashWar PPV: It All Comes Down to This 

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