Recap / Stupid Mario Brothers S 4 E 8 All Good Things

This episode opens up with Mario unconscious on the ground in front of his mailbox. A stranger spots him and helps him come to. When the stranger asks who he is, Mario reveals that he doesn't remember.

Meanwhile, we learn that Wario, Luigi, Ness, and Snake have been attacked while they were alone, and are unaware of Mario's condition. Luigi and Ness refuse to give up on Mario, while Wario and Snake believe Mario is gone.

Mario stays with the stranger, who calls herself Dawn, and begins to change from the man he once was. This includes losing his accent, abandoning the clothes he once had, and even considers a relationship, and settling down, with Dawn. Just as he is going to ask her out, Dawn suddenly realizes that she forgot to buy mushrooms. The word 'mushroom' triggers a Mario's memories to return. Mario was attacked by the same three people who attacked his friends. Realizing that he can never be with Dawn while his friends, and the world, counts on him he leaves her, but tells her to 'Never forget what we had.'

Mario returns to his friends, wearing his familiar clothes. The gang decides that its time to get back their powers, even though they don't know where to start.

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