Recap / Stupid Mario Brothers S 1 E 8 It Came From Ashs Toilet

Ash stops by his Mailbox one day to discover that while he was away, his house has been thrown into disarray. According to Pikachu, Wobbuffet got stuck in the toilet, Charmander set the couch on fire, Jigglypuff blew up the microwave, and Snorlax killed Brock. Realizing that he'll need a plumber to free Wobbuffet from the toilet, Ash promises the Mario Brothers pizza if they fix it.

After a quick BLAM, the trio reach Ash's house. Unfortunately, the Mario Brothers haven't plumbed anything since 1983. After some difficulty, the Brothers realize that they should plunge the toilet with a plumber.

Once they start to plunge, Wobbuffet comes soaring out of the toilet, sticking himself on Mario's face. The brothers immediately panic and quickly attempt to remove the Pokemon from Mario. After freeing Mario, the plumbers confront Ash, who reluctantly admits that he has no pizza. Outraged, the brothers decide it's high time they got jobs. The episode ends with the two Brothers dressing up in work clothes and rush off to potential job applications. It can be found here. The wiki page is here

It Came From Ash's Toilet contains examples of:

  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: Mario, Luigi, and Ash dance all the way to his house. To "Let's Groove" by Earth, Wind, and Fire.
    • Its even Lampshaded by Ash once they're done.
  • Eureka Moment: The exact second Ash's realizes the Mario Brothers can help with his clogged toilet, we are treated with an... interesting look on his face.
  • Skewed Priorities: Brock was killed by Snorlax and Ash's biggest concern is the broken toilet.