Recap: Steven Universe S1E1 "Gem Glow"

Steven is extremely upset because they stopped making his favorite snack, Cookie Cats. The kids who work at Big Donut give him the empty Cookie Cat mini-fridge as a keepsake. When he gets home, he finds it invaded by centipede monsters, but the other Crystal Gems deal with them, though Garnet warns that their mother must be near.

Steven describes his sadness over the discontinuing of Cookie Cats and while wrestling a baby centipeetle away from the fridge, finds the freezer full of them! It turns out that on hearing that Steven's favorite snack was going away forever, the Gems felt obliged to do something about it. Amethyst stole the last few Cookie Cats for Steven (though Pearl went back and paid for them). Overjoyed by the gems' display of affection for him, Steven's gem starts to glow, and when Steven sings the Cookie Cat jingle, he manifests a shield not unlike Captain America's. It ricochets around the room before embedding in a TV. The Gems impart their individual wisdom to Steven on how to call his weapon. Pearl describes fractals and mathematical calculations in real time. Amethyst says she doesn't try at all; her weapon just shows when she wants it. Garnet describes becoming one with the cosmic forces of the universe. All of this kind of boggles Steven and leaves him no closer to unlocking his own method of summoning his gem weapon. He ends up believing that eating Cookie Cats is what does it.

The house is then attacked by the giant Mother Centipeetle, and it traps the Gems on the beach. Steven tries to help but the shield won't reappear. He even tries scarfing every last one of the Cookie Cats the Gems brought him in hopes of re-manifesting his shield. When the monster destroys the fridge, Steven angrily uses it to attack the Centipeetle and accidentally electrocutes the monster, giving his sisters a chance to finish it off. Only a gemstone is left behind.

The episode ends with Steven congratulated by the other gems and reassured that someday, he'll fully manifest his power. Steven is tearful that not only are his Cookie Cats gone, but so is his only keepsake. To top that off, he has a sick tummy from having eaten too many.


  • Big "NO!": The first word of the episode (and show) are Steven yelling "Nooooo!" when he finds out Cookie Cats were discontinued.
  • Chekhov's Gun: There is a glowing pink circlet in the fridge that turns out to be important in the episode "Bubble Buddies".
  • Establishing Character Moment: The Crystal Gems as a group get one when Steven walks in on them fighting the Centipeetles while casually making conversation, then each gets an individual one as they try to teach Steven to summon his gem weapon:
    • Pearl compares use of a gem's power to a meticulously planned dance, and uses petals falling from a tree as an example of something that seems random but is actually brought about by innumerable factors working together.
    • Amethyst says practicing isn't fun and that her gem weapon just shows up whenever she needs it too without trying. She demonstrates by pulling out her whip with one hand for some random property damage, all while munching on a doughnut with the other hand.
    • When Steven asks if he's supposed to do Pearl and Amethyst's mutually exclusive methods at once, Garnet just says "yes". Then she dramatically proposes letting the cosmic power of the universe flow through you as an alternate.
  • Half the Man He Used to Be: Garnet pulls on each end of a centipeetle until it neatly splits in half.
  • High Voltage Death: Steven using the broken freezer to shock the mother centipeetle. This doesn't kill it directly, but lets the gems finish it off.
  • Jingle: Cookie Cat had one that not only told the story of the cosmic kitty, but where you could get the treat here on Earth.
  • Neck Snap: Pearl does this to a centipeetle, all while calmly talking to Steven no less.
  • Offhand Backhand: Courtesy of Garnet to a baby centipeetle.
  • Oh, No... Not Again!: This is Lars' reaction to Amethyst splitting Big Donut's trash bin in half with her whip.
    Lars: (gasps in shock) AGAIN?!?!
  • Powerup Food: Steven's gem twice started glowing after he ate a Cookie Cat, so he assumed the ice cream was what let him use his power. He finds out he was wrong when eating a bunch at once does nothing. It's heavily implied what actually brought it about was The Power of Love: first the Gems doing something nice for him by getting the Cookie Cats and then when they tell him he's a Crystal Gem whether or not he has his powers.
  • Sweet and Sour Grapes: Just after Steven decides he'll be happy and the gems tell him they'll still be one of him even if he never figures out how to use his gem, it starts glowing again and he summons his shield.
  • Vomit Discretion Shot: The very last scene of the episode is Steven puking after commenting about how much Cookie Cats he ate in order to activate his newfound Gem powers. Not only does he obscure his face on a dirt hill, the episode Iris Outs right there.