Recap / Stargate Universe S 1 E 11 Space

A mishap with the communication stones leaves Young temporarily on an alien ship. And the aliens then find the Destiny, or possibly were looking for her.


  • Aliens Speaking English or at least sending messages in it. To be fair, they been probing Rush's mind for information and probably got the language from him.
  • Grand Theft Me Young exploits the communication stones to look around the alien ship
  • Humans Are Warriors Rush, who loses every fight he gets into with another human, strangles a blue alien to death.
  • Lost Wedding Ring the blue aliens take Rush's watch and both his rings, one of which is his wedding ring. He never gets them back.
  • Mind Rape the blue aliens' technology allows them to do this to Rush and Chloe. But it can also be used against them.
  • People Jars the blue aliens keep their prisoners in water tanks
  • Starfish Alien the blue aliens language is incomprehensible, and the only word they transmitted to the Destiny is "Surrender".
  • Starfish Language the blue aliens again. They may be primarily telepathic, given they had mindreading technology.