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Recap: Stargate SG- 1 S 7 E 20 Lost City Part 1
Jack O'Neill is in his home, shaving. On the mirror in front of him is an unfinished crossword puzzle, which he is trying to solve. He then has a cell phone call, which he eventually answers. On the other end is Dr. Daniel Jackson, who tells him that SG-2 returned from P 3 X-439, where there may be a Repository of knowledge which could contain the Lost City they are looking for. Knowing the information from the repository once almost killed him in 1999, he decides not to avoid the conversation any longer, and tells Jackson he will be at Stargate Command in half an hour before hanging up, while continuing to shave and solve the crossword.

In Washington D.C., a blond woman is talking to her colleague, Michelle from her head-set cell phone. She is running a little late to go to the White House to meet the President of the United States, but a Russian man tries to take her taxi. While they both argue, both in English and Russian, a limousine stops nearby, and the driver wants to know where Dr. Elizabeth Weir is. The woman is Weir, and she is taken to the limo by Vice President Robert Kinsey.On the way to the White House, Kinsey briefs Weir that the President wishes to talk to her about an alien transportation device called the Stargate. At first, she thinks this is a joke. However, Kinsey shows her a note saying "THIS IS NOT A JOKE" signed by the President, and he gives her a mission report. Weir reluctantly decides to read the mission report.

O'Neill arrives at the SGC, still solving the crossword puzzle in the elevator. He arrives at Level 28, where he finds his teammates, who tell him he is one hour late. The team finally makes it to the Briefing Room with Colonel Albert Reynolds and Major Harper. Major Samantha Carter informs O'Neill that on 439, SG-3 picked up a Goa'uld Reconnaissance probe, meaning the Goa'uld are now aware of the planet and its importance; the planet may contain the whereabouts of the Lost City as a means to find technology capable of defeating Anubis. When Major General George S. Hammond joins the meeting, they plan to have SG-1, 3 and 5 to go to the massive structure on the planet, find the repository of knowledge and bring it back to Earth to extract the information. They can't let O'Neill have the Ancient knowledge in his brain again, since they tried calling the Asgard for the heads up, but there has been no reply from them. Since Anubis is quickly wiping out other System Lords, Hammond authorizes the mission.

Meanwhile, back in Washington, Weir arrives in the White House, and is escorted by Kinsey to a room full of box files with mission reports. He tells her to try and say no to the President's offer, before leaving her to read the mission reports.

The SG teams arrive on P 3 X-439. SG-3 and SG-5 set up defense perimeters around the Stargate, while SG-1 checks out the monument. However, after a while they have not found anything. Furthermore, Anubis' fleet jumps out of hyperspace over the planet. At the same time, Carter finds an energy reading, and soon, Jackson finds a way to make the repository materialize on the wall. They just need to figure out how to extract it. However, SG-3 hears a squadron of Al'kesh and Death Gliders arriving and carpet-bombing the area. O'Neill decides to destroy the repository with C-4, but Jackson doesn't want that to happen, and offers to put his head in. However, O'Neill stops him, as he needs Jackson to translate the speech of whoever "goes Ancient." Seconds later, he decides to put his head in again, despite knowing the risks. The repository grabs O'Neill's head and downloads the knowledge of the Ancients directly into his brain. While S Gs 3 and 5 hold off the Goa'uld attack, Carter sets off the C-4, destroying the repository so Anubis won't get his hands on it, and they carry O'Neill back to the Gate. The teams safely return to Stargate Command, where O'Neill remarks to Hammond, "I did it again."

Back in the White House, Weir is at the Oval Office when President Henry Hayes walks in. He wants to spend five minutes with her to tell her his offer. Weir admits that the Stargate Program seems too unreal after reading the mission reports. Hayes says he understands how she feels, but tells her that not only does she now know about the Program, Hayes asks her to run it. At the end of the meeting (which actually took seven minutes), Weir wonders what would happen if she refuses. Hayes is confident she won't. While considering, Kinsey tells her to be careful who to trust, and warns her that he is the man that is on her side, unlike the President, and warns her further that she does not want to cross him.

While debriefing Hammond of what has transpired, they must now face the inevitable; O'Neill's human consciousness will soon be obliterated and he will begin speaking in Ancient. Not long after that, his human physiology will no longer be able to handle the strain of all the knowledge and he will die. O'Neill requests to take the weekend off to get his personal affairs in order, before his mind can conjure up the Lost City's location. Hammond grants it.

At night on P 3 X-439, Anubis questions his Commander, who tells him that the Tau'ri saw them coming, and went ahead with destroying the repository. An angered Anubis tells him that he has failed, and orders his Kull warriors to execute him and some of his fellow Jaffa as an example that he will not tolerate failure.

The next day in his home, O'Neill is surprised to see Carter coming in to see him. He gives her a beer as she admits that she couldn't sleep, and wanted to see him and talk. However, when asked about his ex-wife or how he is feeling, O'Neill tells her not to ask him about that. Later, Jackson and Teal'c arrive to check up on O'Neill and find Carter's car in his driveway. They all gather round and drink beer, apart from Teal'c, who can't drink alcohol. They talk about O'Neill's analogy, that The Simpsons character, Mr. Burns is a Goa'uld, despite the others' disagreements. They are later interrupted by General Hammond, who has come to see Jack and the team.

As he also has a beer, Hammond gives the team some bad news; he has been relieved of command of the SGC. The President has apparently ordered a three month review of the military command of the Stargate Program, meaning the Stargate is to be shut down. The team suspects Kinsey may have something to do with this, influencing the President to make things go his way. This seems to be bad timing due to O'Neill's condition. Hammond also informs them that the SGC will be under the leadership of Dr. Elizabeth Weir, someone Jackson is familiar with; she does high level negotiations for the United Nations. O'Neill tells his team that they've been in similar situations, but Hammond tells them it is different this time. He has been called back to Washington for reassignment, where he could do more there than at Stargate Command. SG-1 is still scheduled to return to duty on Monday.

On that Monday, Jackson walks into the briefing room, where he finds Weir talking on her headset cell phone again, while gazing at the Stargate. After finishing the phone conversation, she and Jackson introduce themselves. While talking, Jackson tells her that the reason Weir feels so unwelcome is that she is somewhat anti-military, and has replaced Hammond, a "great man". She believes the best policy to fight the Goa'uld would be to end the proliferation of weapons, but Jackson warns her that the Goa'uld don't care, and tells her to dial to a random planet to see what they're up against. He also pressures her about O'Neill's current condition.

Just then, the Stargate is dialed. Even though all SG teams have been recalled to Earth, and the two investigate. M Sgt. Walter Harriman tells them he has received Bra'tac's IDC. When he arrives, Bra'tac notices the change of leadership. He has come to Stargate Command to bring bad news; the Jaffa Rebellion members loyal to Bra'tac received intelligence that Anubis is gathering his force to Earth, and will arrive in just three days.

Back in Washington, Hammond arrives at the White House and meets President Hayes. After a friendly welcome, Hayes admits that he was pushed by Kinsey to make Weir the new leader of Stargate Command. Completely aware of Kinsey's history with Hammond, he informs the General that he does not want him to retire, and discusses reassignment. He knows full well that Hammond's experience will remain invaluable in the near future.

At the SGC, Bra'tac and SG-1 are in a briefing with Weir and Kinsey. He tells Kinsey what he has told SG-1; Anubis' full force is going to arrive over Earth in only three days, where they believe he will gather the whereabouts of the Lost City, which O'Neill does not yet know. Kinsey doesn't buy it, and claims that they would say anything to resume Stargate Operations. O'Neill becomes agitated about Kinsey's obliviousness to the situation. When Weir suggests trying to negotiate with Anubis, O'Neill says the word "derantis", which Jackson believes means "insane". Kinsey strongly objects finding the Lost City, but Weir actually considers it, which Kinsey also objects to. He has a talk with her alone. He wonders why she is disagreeing with him and Weir answers that she will not allow Kinsey to use her as a puppet to control the Stargate. Before he leaves, Kinsey tells Weir that she isn't as smart Kinsey thought she was.

Bra'tac and Teal'c both wish to return to Chulak in the hopes of procuring warriors and ships to defend Earth from Anubis' inbound fleet. O'Neill is about to give Teal'c the "if I don't see you again speech," but Teal'c is certain they will see each other again. The rest of SG-1 hope that he's right, and after bidding farewell to the rest of the team, Teal'c walks through the Stargate.
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