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Recap: Stargate SG- 1 S 4 E 162010
We find Sam sitting at outside at a cafe, waiting for...wait, who's this guy? Ambassador Joseph Faxon, her...husband? When did that happen? Several years ago it seems, as this is the year 2010. They have a discussion about having children, as their doctors, from a people called the Aschen, say they just need to keep trying.

Today happens to be the day of a celebration of SG-1's contact with the Aschen who are so advanced that they can protect Earth from the Goaul'd, do all sort of neat stuff, and have this wonder drug that cures just about anything. There are all the honors and cheering, since the Stargate is now out in the public at a terminal in Washington, and President Kinsey, who somehow got elected, makes a few remarks.

Afterwards at a reception, Sam mentions her problem to Janet, who asks if she can take a look at her, just for the hell of it. Sam agrees and the head off to Janet's now defunct clinic. The results of the examination are surprising, far from just needing to keep trying, it seems Sam's reproductive system has been completely destroyed. They're both astonished, and wonder how the Aschen, as advanced as they are, could have missed it? The obvious answer is they didn't and have been lying to them the entire time.

Sam now has a mission. The most likely way this could have happened is the Aschen drug, which means that most of the population has been sterilized by this point. The Aschen are trying to take over the Earth. There's only one person she can turn to now.

Jack, however, is not inclined to help. He knew the Aschen were Too Good To Be True, but since his warnings were ignored, he seems content to let the whole thing play out. Sam leaves and goes to find Daniel and Teal'c. They agree to help her, but they need a plan, and they need to get some stuff from the SGC, which has been reduced to a tourist trap. There, they run into Jack, who is going to help them after all, once they get the GDO they came for.

Their plan is simple, find out when a solar flare will be, and use that to send the Stargate's wormhole back in time to before they met the Aschen and prevent them from getting a hold of Earth. And that is simple for SG-1.

The problem is, solar flares are impossible to predict, with Earth's technology. The Aschen are able to track and predict them, and Sam just happens to have a working relationship with one of them. She goes into his lab, and is able to get him to run some scans on the sun to find out when one will occur. Once she knows she heads off to meet with the others.

Joe, however, catches wind of it, and confronts Sam about it. IT turns out he knew about the Aschen scheme, but went along because it was better than being conquered by the Goaul'd. Sam says it's the same thing, the Aschen just take longer with their's. He eventually relents but insists that Sam stay out of it.

At the Stargate Terminal Teal'c comes through and begins blasting the security defenses with his staff weapon. Daniel and Jack join in and they try to get a written note to the Stargate, in time for the solr flare to send it back to the time they want. As the fight goes on, all of them fall, but Sam, not able to take it anymore, runs in, grabs it and manages to get it to the 'gate right before she's cut down too.

In the year 2000, the gate opens and as everyone watches, weapons pointed at it, a piece of paper emerges. As the gate shuts off, Jack goes over to see what it is. The note is written in Jack's handwriting and his signature and stained with blood.

General Hammond doesn't even consider the possibility that it's a hoax, and immediately orders the address locked out of the dialing computer.
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