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Recap: Stargate SG- 1 S 2 E 4 The Gamekeeper
Whilst exploring P7J-989, SG-1 ends up trapped inside of a virtual reality program that traps them inside of traumatic memories; Jack watching a Black Ops mission with Kawalsky ended up going awry, while Daniel is forced to witness his parents tragic death... over, and over, again.

Eventually the Gamekeeper shows up, explaining that all of this is the benefit of the natives, who have been undergoing pretty much the same thing for the last thousand years and had naturally gotten bored of nothing new to watch. As it turns out, the people of the planet accidentally destroyed the ecosystem of the world they lived on and decided to go into hibernation until everything got better.

However, the Gamekeeper has been lying to them about the surface being safe, fearing they would destroy the beautiful Eden-like garden world that exists outside of the virtual environment... and now SG-1 just told them about it.

The episode ends with the residents awakening, immediately driving the Gamekeeper insane as they begin picking the flowers in the Garden, and the audience isn't sure whether there was a Green Aesop there or not?
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