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Recap: Stargate SG- 1 S 1 E 18 Tin Man
SG-1 comes back from a desolated, technologically advanced planet to find out that they're not actually SG-1. Much surprise is had by all.


The full recap is we begin with the team investigating said planet, only to set something off and get shocked into unconsciousness. They wake up missing their gear and in new uniforms, when they run into a strange and vaguely creepy guy called Arlen whose Catchphrase is comtraya, uttered with irritating regularity. The team grills him for information, but all he says is that they're better, so they leave through the stargate.

Back on Earth, a medical exam has shown them to be without a heartbeat and a subsequent blood test takes a turn for the wierd when the fluid is white, not red. Those who have paid attention to the title will realize our protagonists are actually robots at this point, but those who haven't shouldn't worry; O'Neill slices his arm open and reveals a decidely robotic arm underneath his skin. Security is called and the robot 'imposters' are detained. Until they collapse. This manages to convince the higher ups to toss SG-1 back through so they can grill Arlen some more and find out what exactly happened.

They do just that, with O'Neill taking things hardest and nearly breaking Arlen's neck. they group find out their earlier collapse is due to a power supply on the alien world that they have to be near to so as to keep working, forcing their current bodies to remain on that world. They then ask about reversing the consiousness transfer so they get their old bodies back, only to be told it's impossible. So they're stuck. A few conversations without Arlen later and O'Neill is still angry, Teal'c can still feel his Goa'uld larva despite not actually having it, and Daniel is ecstatic about the whole thing. O'Neill leaves to grill Arlen again, and Teal'c leaves without a word so Daniel and Carter try to follow. They lose Teal'c, but catch up to O'Neill, at which point we cut to Teal'c shaking uncontrollably. This can't end well.

Arlen tells O'Neill, Daniel and Carter that he needs their help in maintaining the structure they're in, for no other reason that assuring Arlen's survival. Then an alert sounds and Arlen sends them off to open some rusty vent covers. Daniel and Carter manage theirs easily, but O'Neill is interrupted in sorting his when an apparently uncontrollable Teal'c attacks. A chance throw sorts the original vent problem, and the fight gets stopped when Arlen disintegrates Teal'c. The remainder of SG-1 are horrified and O'Neill now has a nasty looking patch of skin burned away on his face, but Arlen scurries off claiming to build a new Teal'c. Daniel and Carter follow and grill Arlen over being able to make a new robo-Teal'c without the original to take a consiouness from, ignoring his explanation for the 'malfunction' (Goa'uld larva consiousness was interfering with Teal'c's, apparently).

At this point, the truth comes out: Arlen has, in fact, been keeping the originals in captivity to copy their consiousnesses, rather than a singular transferal. Robo-O'Neill is not happy, but robo-Carter and robo-Daniel seem fine with it. The originals are released, much to their confusion, and Teal'c doesn't seem to want an explanation for why his robot double got disintegrated.

A small bout of Snark-to-Snark Combat occurs between the O'Neills onscreen, while the Carters and the Daniels discuss things excitedly and Teal'c feels left out off-screen. Then the originals return through the Stargate as all the robots (including a new robo-Teal'c) say goodbye, with robo-O'Neill reminded to bury his end, and the credits roll.
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