-->''A single chance is a galaxy of hope.''

After arresting Dr. Nuvo Vindi for his role in a plot to unleash the deadly Blue Shadow Virus across the galaxy, everything seems finished . . . until Vindi's personal droid sets off a virus bomb in the underground lab, trapping Padmé, Ahsoka, Rex, Jar Jar and a number of clone troopers inside as it seals itself off. Having only a few days before those trapped in the lab die from the disease, Anakin and Obi-Wan are forced to travel to Iego, the World of a Thousand Moons, to find the cure. After obtaining it, they discover that their departure won't be as swift as they'd hoped: the Separatists installed an experimental weapon in Iego's moons that destroys any ship that tries to leave.


* AngelicAliens: We see one of the Diathim, who live on one of the moons of Iego and were kicked off by the Separatists, who installed the main node of the weapon on their moon.
* AsteroidThicket: Iego's moons.
* CallBack: Young Anakin mentioned the "angels" of Iego in ''Film/ThePhantomMenace''. Here, one of them gives Anakin and Obi-Wan the key to the location of the weapon's control node.
* CallForward: The weapon the Separatists installed in the moons of Iego is clearly a prototype of the Death Star's superlaser.
* ChekhovsGun[=/=]ChekhovsGunman: Vindi's LEP droid from the previous episode, which he gave the last virus bomb to. It ends up setting it off.
* ClosedCircle: People can ''come'' to Iego no problem, but the superweapon in the moons destroys any ships that try to leave.
* ColourCodedForYourConvenience: The vulture droids R2 controls in the plan to destroy the superweapon have their eyes turn green when he takes control.
* CurseCutShort:
-->'''Anakin:''' That's a load of s-\\
'''Obi-Wan:''' ''Superstition.''\\
'''Anakin:''' That's ''one'' word for it.
* DerelictGraveyard: There's one around Iego as a result of the superweapon.
* DoingInTheWizard: The residents of Iego have come to believe that a curse caused by a demon is responsible for the destruction of any ship trying to leave the planet. The Jedi are skeptical, and discover it's actually a prototype superweapon installed in the moons.
* ElaborateUndergroundBase: As in the previous episode, the lab, built by the Trade Federation during their occupation of Naboo a decade before.
* FailedASpotCheck: Upon landing on Iego, Anakin disembarks from the ''Twilight'' to see battle droids approaching. He destroys eighteen of them before he notices they weren't attacking -- they were Jaybo's modified and reprogrammed droids that had been serving as a welcoming party. Obi-Wan, of course, has something snarky to say about it.
-->'''Obi-Wan:''' Very impressive. You just destroyed seventeen defenceless battle droids without suffering a scratch!\\
'''Anakin:''' ''[another droid falls in two]'' Eighteen, actually.
* FindTheCure: Anakin and Obi-Wan have to obtain a certain root only found on Iego that is the only known cure to the Blue Shadow Virus. And they only have a couple days to do it.
* GadgeteerGenius: Anakin and Obi-Wan meet a teenager named Jaybo Hood, who's reprogrammed a lot of abandoned battle droids to serve him.
* HazmatSuit: Padmé and Jar Jar have theirs from the previous episode. Padmé's ends up damaged, so she removes it.
* NoJustNoReaction: Rex, on training Jar Jar Binks to use a blaster:
-->"I am ''not'' training ''him''."
* PlotHole: In the previous episode, the Jedi and clones blasted large entry holes into the lab while attacking it. This episode, they're nowhere to be seen as the airborne Blue Shadow Virus fills the lab.
* TaintedVeins: Everyone who gets the Blue Shadow Virus develops dark blue veins across their skin.
* TrappedInContainment: Padmé, Ahsoka, Rex, Jar Jar and several clone troopers are stuck inside when the lab seals itself after the detonation of the virus bomb. Padmé and Jar Jar have hazmat suits, but hers ends up getting damaged; and the clone troopers' helmets can't filter out the virus. On top of all this, there are still some battle droids inside, who are attempting to leave heedless of the threat the virus poses to Naboo.