Recap: Star Trek Deep Space Nine S 07 E 01 Image In The Sand

It's been three months since Captain Sisko left DS9. The recently-promoted Colonel Kira is in charge of the station, but since the wormhole closed, all is not well. The crew is concerned that the captain may not come back, and Worf is frustrated with convoy duty. The Romulans set up a post on the station, which seems to work out at first, but things get tense when they establish a hospital facility in the Bajoran system only to fortify it with heavy weapons.

In New Orleans, Ben hasn't hardly left his father's restaurant since they got there. Joseph and Jake are increasingly concerned, but when Ben's baseball rolls off the piano he's playing, Ben has a vision - on the desert planet Tyree, he uncovers the face of a woman.

Ben is stunned to find out that his father has a picture of that woman - a picture Jake happened to find while cleaning one day. Joseph is reluctant to discuss it at first, but finally reveals that the woman - Sarah - is Ben's real mother, that she had left around the time Ben had his first birthday, and that she died before Joseph could find her again. Things become weirder when Joseph gives Ben a necklace that belonged to Sarah, on which ancient Bajoran text is inscribed. The text refers to "the Orb of the Emissary", which had never been referenced before in Bajoran history. While contemplating what this means, Ben is attacked by a member of the Cult of the Pah-Wraiths; this doesn't dissuade him, however, as he has concluded that the Orb must be on Tyree, and he is determined to search for it.

Chief O'Brien learns that Worf's frustrations are due to his believe that Jadzia has not entered Sto'Vo'Kor, the Klingon equivalent of heaven, and that convoy duty has precluded any opportunity to win a battle in her honor, getting her in. O'Brien and Bashir get Martok to enlist Worf's aid on a daring plan to destroy a Cardassian shipyard, and the two Starfleet officers also agree to come along - Bashir because he wants to honor Jadzia as well, and O'Brien to watch out for Bashir. Quark decides that they're all crazy.

As he prepares to leave, with Joseph and Jake insisting on going with him, they get a surprise visitor... a young, short Starfleet ensign, a Trill female... who introduces herself as Dax.