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Recap: Star Trek Deep Space Nine S 04 E 21 The Muse
Lwaxana Troi (in her final appearance in the franchise) arrives on the station. Pregnant. And due to the odd laws of the baby's father, she may have it taken from her the second it's born. So she enlists Odo to assist her. Meanwhile, Jake meets a mysterious woman who is really interested in his writing.


  • Comforting Comforter: Odo turns his hand into a blanket for Lwaxana.
  • Continuity Nod: Lwaxana recalls the death of her daughter while walking with Odo.
  • Karma Houdini: Onaya gets away scot-free after nearly frying Jake's brain.
  • Love Confession: Though he tries some hollow platitudes to satisfy Jayel, he doesn't buy it. So Odo lets it fly from the Changeling equivalent of a heart.
    Odo: Before I met her, my world was... a much smaller place. I kept to myself, I didn't need anyone else, and I took pride in that. The truth is, I was ashamed of what I was, afraid that if people saw how truly different I was, they would recoil from me. Lwaxana saw how different I was... and she didn't recoil. She wanted to see more. For the first time in my life, someone wanted me as I was. And that changed me forever. The day I met her is the day I stopped being alone. And I want her to be part of my life from this day on.
  • Most Writers Are Writers: And how.
  • Psychic Nosebleed: Jake gets them while Onaya is feeding off his creativity.
  • You Look Familiar: Put some Klingon ridges on Jayal, and he looks an awful lot like Kang...

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