* AnywhereButTheirLips: The Cardassian woman who spent the episode hitting on O'Brien gives him a goodbye kiss on the cheek after he tells her that he's HappilyMarried.
* BrickJoke: Quark intends to welcome the Cardassian delegation with a few bottles of ''kanar'' that he had stashed away, until Dax tells him that it's gone bad. A few scenes later, Bashir mentions Morn coming to the infirmary with food poisoning from a bad glass of ''kanar''. It was on the house, apparently.
* ChickMagnet: ''O'Brien'' thanks to a bit of "[[CrossCulturalKerfluffle Cross-cultural misunderstanding]]."
** {{Tsundere}}: This trope is the way Cardassians flirt.
* FromACertainPointOfView: The prophecy comes true. Just not in the way Sisko and Kira expected.