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Recap: Star Trek Deep Space Nine S 02 E 03 The Siege
The Siege is about to begin. With The Circle inbound for Deep Space 9, Sisko rallies those willing to stay and defend the station. As evacuations get underway, goodbyes are exchanged. Nog says goodbye to Jake, and Keiko begs O'Brien to come with them. He insists he's needed on DS9. And Quark, naturally, sees profit to be made in the limited escape seating available.

Turns out Quarks greed has resulted in a bit of an overbooking problem. As throngs of panicking people try to leave, Li Nalas speaks up. Reminding the Bajorans there they fought a war against Cardassia. And now they're running like scared children. His speech, combined with his legendary status, convinces the Bajoran among them to stay.

As the final runabout departs, Quark comes plodding along. Very displeased to learn Rom was on the last shuttle. With Quarks ticket and a Dabo girl. He's not going anywhere.

With everyone evacuated, the occupation arrives. Led by General Krim, they find no resistance awaiting them. Krim is naturally suspicious, warning his men about Odo, and ordering them to scan at random intervals for any crew that may be hiding aboard the station.

When Jaro hails them, he makes sure they know it's not a victory until the entire crew is accounted for. Especially Li Nalas. The last thing The Circle needs is a martyr making death. Soon after, the sensor array is tampered with, confirming there are still Federation members on-board.

While Kira and Dax try to get a rusted old Bajoran fighter up and running, the resistance on station makes their first captures. Ambushing a small group of five.

Kira and Dax engage in a dogfight with Circle forces. They take one out, but are shot down when the second one ambushes them.

Back on DS9, Sisko manages to trick Krim's second in command, Day Kannu, into a holo-suite. He reveals to them that the Cardassians are the ones supplying The Circle. But Day dismisses it as a Federation lie. Even keeping the info from Krim when he's beamed out of the suite.

Kira and Dax have survived their shuttle crush, with only a small few injuries hampering Kira. Rescued by Vedek Bareil, they get the info on the Cardassian suppliers to the Bajoran senate. Vedek Winn and Jaro are shocked to learn this, and order the Circle forces on DS9 to stand down.

Day Kannu is having none of it. Drawing his phaser, he attempts to gun down Sisko. Only for Li Nalas to take the shot. He dies right there on the Ops floor.

With the occupation over, the evacuees return to DS9. Kira, naturally, is devastated by the death of Li Nalas. Excusing herself, Miles questions Sisko on Nalas. He seems suspicious of this legendary man. But Sisko keeps Li's secret. Letting the famed Bajoran hero be remembered as such. A hero.

Sisko: Chief, Li Nalas was THE hero of the Bajoran Resistance. He performed extraordinary acts of courage for his people and died for their freedom. That's how the history books on Bajor will be written, and that's how I'll remember him when anyone asks.


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