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Recap: Star Trek Deep Space Nine S 02 E 01 The Homecoming
At Quarks, after getting the best Changeling rendition of a Tsundere from Odo in thanks for busting some criminals, he's approached by a Boslic freight captain named Rionoj. She had a package to deliver. A Bajoran earring. All she knows is that she was supposed to deliver it to DS9. And that it was picked up on Cardassia IV.

Wondering of its value of course, Quark seeks some appraisal on it from Kira. The second she sees it, she's shocked. It's the earring of legendary Bajoran rebel Li Nalas. The same Li Nalas who has been presumed dead for years. Kira immediately asks for a runabout to attempt a rescue mission. Sisko can only tell her he'll consider it.

In the meantime, he's called to a habitat ring on the promenade. Graffiti of a radical Bajoran movement called The Circle has been discovered. A group promoting a "Bajor for Bajorans only." A worried Sisko orders security around the station to be beefed up in the meantime.

Returning to his yes or no on the runabout, he's visited by Dax. He tries seeking some advice while remaining vague on the subject...only for Dax to say she knows already. And she thinks he should give it to her.

Dax isn't the only one who knows. The only person who doesn't is Quark. One of those in the know is O'Brien. Who finds himself joining Kira on the rescue mission.

After a close call with a Cardassian patrol, fooled thanks to a combination of them being out of visual range and some good lying, they arrive on Cardassia IV. After tricking the dipstick guard by offering Kira as a fake slave purchase, they grab Nalas and his fellow prisoners as a firefight breaks out.

Nalas is injured in the fight, requiring four of his fellow prisoners to remain behind so they can escape.

The runabout returns to DS9 safely, and Nalas is treated for his injuries. Gul Dukat even contacts Deep Space Nine, claiming the prion camp he was at was a violation of protocol, and the remaining prisoners are being transported to the station. Nalas is happy to be free. But seems almost annoyed by the adoration of the Bajorans on the station.

To compound his annoyance, Quark is assaulted and branded in his bar late at night by masked members of The Circle. Nalas is told they need someone to speak out against these radicals. That someone of course, being him.

Well, he's not interested. As revealed when he's caught trying to stowaway on a vessel bound for the Gamma Quadrant.

In private, Nalas reveals the truth behind his "Legend": While fighting in a minor resistance cell, all but three of his group were wiped out. And being the only one with a phaser, he took the lead. Slipping down a steep embankment, Nalas was surprised to find a bathing Cardassian in his skives.

As the surprised Cardassian reached for his weapon, Nalas was forced to shoot him. The mans body fell on top of him, and his companions assumed he killed him in a great struggle. That someone by the way? High ranking Cardassian Gul Zarale.

Nalas became a legend, a rallying point for Bajor. Many battles were attested to in his name. And Nalas is tired of being a slave to his mythic reputation. Sisko sympathizes, but notes the days of battle are over. Bajor doesn't need some legendary warrior. They just need a legend to focus them.

Very reluctantly, Nalas notes he's correct. Returning to Bajor, his legendary status has earned him the just invented title of Navarch. And a job on Deep Space 9. As the Bajoran liaison. Kira's job.

Sisko: "I already have a liaison officer."
Jaro: "Not anymore, you don't. Major Kira is no longer assigned to this post. She's been recalled to Bajor"

To Be Continued...


  • Accidental Hero: Nalas shot a Cardassian he had surprised in his undies. Later retellings turned it into an epic clash.
  • Badass on Paper: Nalas was a capable resistance fighter, yes. But he's nowhere close to the almost godlike figure the resistance turned him into.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero: Sisko tells Nalas to return to Bajor and help guide them. And summarily makes Kira lose her job.
  • Slave to PR: Nalas has been shackled by his fame since he gunned down the defenseless Gul Zarale. And he can't stand it.

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