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Recap: Spongebob Squarepants S 3 E 14 The Great Snail Race Mid Life Crustacean
The Great Snail Race: When Squidward buys a pedigreed racing snail named Snelly, SpongeBob decides to enter Gary in the race.

Mid Life Crustacean: Mr. Krabs is starting to show his age, so he decides to hang out with some hip young people to feel young again. Unfortunately, he picks SpongeBob and Patrick.

"The Great Snail Race" provides examples of...

"Mid Life Crustacean" provides examples of...

  • Dinner Deformation: When Krabs has to take his morning pill, which is twice as wide as his whole head.
  • Helping Granny Cross the Street: A boy scout walks Mr. Krabs by the hand, with him resenting the implication that he's old.
  • It's Pronounced Tro-PAY: Krabs tries to pronounce "coral" as "corrahl" to make it sound cooler.
  • Panty Thieves: SpongeBob and Patrick take Mr. Krabs on a "panty raid". Unfortunately, the house they raid belongs to Krab's mother.
  • Totally Radical: Pearl explains to Krabs that kids don't say cool anymore, they say coral instead. She becomes appalled when her father adopts it and calls her friends to say that "Coral is definitely out."

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