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Recap: Spongebob Squarepants S 1 E 17 Arrgh Rock Bottom


  • Dressed to Plunder: Mr. Krabs gives SpongeBob and Patrick some pirate accessories to wear. SpongeBob puts on two peg leg and calls himself Peggy the Pirate, while Patrick puts eyepatches over both eyes and calls himself Blindbeard the Pirate.
  • Dude, Where's My Reward?: After SpongeBob and Patrick dig up the treasure, the Flying Dutchman comes to reclaim it, but gives them each a gold doubloon as a reward. Mr. Krabs demands a reward too, so the Dutchman gives him a plastic replica of his treasure chest.
  • Eye Pop: When Mr. Krab's map opens, SpongeBob and Patrick extend their eyeballs and rub them all over it.
  • George Jetson Job Security: Mr. Krabs fires Patrick for getting ahead of him in the game. When Patrick points out he doesn't work for him, Krabs hires him just to fire him.
  • Loophole Abuse: SpongeBob warns Patrick that Mr. Krabs specifically told them to never look at the map. Patrick then tells SpongeBob that Krabs didn't say anything about touching it.
  • No Sense of Direction: Patrick. "Oh, east! I thought you said 'weest'."
  • Oh Crap: SpongeBob and Patrick when they find out that Mr. Krabs' "map" is just their game board tapes to a piece of paper. They have an even bigger one afterward when Mr. Krabs appears right behind them.
  • Running Gag: SpongeBob or Patrick pointing out how sweaty Mr. Krabs is.
  • Talk Like a Pirate: Mr. Krabs instructs SpongeBob on how to speak pirate by saying "Argh!" all the time. It backfires when he spots a reef and takes too much time to warn Krabs by putting "Argh!" after every single word.
  • Treasure Map: The Dutchman's Treasure board game is supposedly based on a real treasure map. Later, Krabs claims to have a real map, but it turns out to be the game board. Fortunately, it really was based on a treasure map.
  • Wingding Pupils: Mr. Krabs' eyestalks turn into an X when they find the X that marks the buried treasure.

Rock Bottom

  • Angrish: SpongeBob does it when an egg hatches four more creatures in front of him on line, causing him to sink into his pants and jump around violently while cussing.
  • Balloonacy: How SpongeBob manages to leave Rock Bottom.
  • Blowing a Raspberry: The residents of Rock Bottom blow raspberrys within their sentences as their Speech Impediment, and they cannot understand outsiders unless they do the same thing.
  • Butt Monkey: SpongeBob really gets it hard in his attempts to get out of Rock Bottom. Taken to the extreme when SpongeBob reaches down to grab a candy bar from a vending machine when the bus arrives and the bus repeatedly goes back and forth while SpongeBob sticks his hand in and out.
  • Cloud Cuckooland: From what little we see of it, Rock Bottom seems to be this.
  • Here We Go Again: SpongeBob finally makes it back home, just as Patrick passes by on a bus to get him back.
  • Missed The Bus: SpongeBob keeps missing each bus that comes along. In fact, the buses seem to be actively avoiding him.
  • Oh Crap: SpongeBob when he sees that the bus is leaving Bikini Bottom.
    SpongeBob: Patrick, I think we're on the wrong—(screams as the bus goes careening down a 90 degree slope) BUS!
  • Right on Queue: SpongeBob goes on an incredibly long line to get a bus schedule. When he finally makes it, the man at the counter tells him the next bus leaves in five seconds. "Sorry, kid, that's the last one till morning."
  • Running Gag:
    • SpongeBob missing the bus, which makes up a large part of the episode.
    • SpongeBob's balloon hitting the bus driver by accident.
  • Tastes Like Feet: SpongeBob eats some Glove World candy, then spits it out becauses it's "glove flavored".
  • Which Restroom Dilemma: Patrick can't tell which Rock Bottom bathroom to use, because one is marked with a question mark and the other with an inverted question mark. SpongeBob suggests waiting for someone to come out so they can tell, but the bizzare creatures that go through the doors don't help.
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