Recap / Space Sheriff Gavan

TV series

  1. The Strange Fortress Beneath Tokyo
  2. The Stolen Japanese Islands
  3. It's Major! Stop Dr. Kuroboshi's BEM Project
  4. The Majin Helmet That Calls For Death
  5. Mimi Cries, The Deadly Poison Cobra Bullet Hits Retsu
  6. The Geniuses of the Makuu School
  7. A Monster Hides, a Girl Kissed a Petal
  8. Justice or Demon? The Silver-Masked Great Hero
  9. The Beautiful Puppet Spy
  10. Crush the Human Crusher Corps!
  11. Is Father Alive? The Mysterious SOS Signal
  12. Express to the Theme Park! UFO Boys' Big Pinch
  13. Danger, Retsu! The Great Reversal
  14. A Parting of Love And Sadness, The Final Blow!!
  15. Illusion? Shadow? Makuu City
  16. My First Love is a Jewel's Radiance. Goodbye, Galaxy Express
  17. The Running Time Bomb! The Bad Guy Who Rode a Police Bike
  18. Princess Contest, Nonsense Ryuuguu Castle
  19. [[Space Sheriff Gavan E 19 JōchakuAt600AMZBeamChargeComplete Jōchaku at 6:00 AM! Z Beam Charge Complete]]
  20. The Mysterious? Emergency Hospital! Humanity's Great Collapse Approache
  21. The Dancing, Prickly Great Pinch: Operation Honey!
  22. Golden Mask and Younger Sister: The Yacht Running Toward the Sun
  23. The Beauty's Cries That Cut Through the Night! The Phantom Coach in the Fog
  24. Mimi's Nightmare!? The Howling, Cut-Up Demonbeast
  25. The Suspiciously Flickering Underwater Flower. Wakaba in Danger
  26. I Saw The Doll! The True Identity of the Poison Gas Killer Corps
  27. The Teachers are Weird! A School Full of Weirdness
  28. The Dark Sea of Space, Wandering Witch Monica
  29. Blitzkrieg Magic Battle! A Program of Assassination
  30. Don Horror's Son Has Returned to Makuu Castle
  31. Listening to the Angel's Song, the Princess Who Became a Doll
  32. The Mysterious Underground Maze Target is WX1
  33. A New Monster is Born: The Boy Who Picked up an Alien
  34. Memories are Tears of Stars: a Fatherless Child, a Motherless Child
  35. The Young Lion of Makuu. San Dorva's Opposition
  36. The Roadshow of Resentment. The Film Studio is Makuu Space
  37. The Funny Tomboy Princess' Earth Adventure Trip
  38. The Surrounded Transport Corps; the Righteous Sun Sword
  39. Base When I Returned From School, My House was a Makuu Base
  40. The Decisive Battle of the Valley of Doom. You're a Space Sheriff Too!
  41. Makuu City is a Battlefield of Men; The Red Hourglass of Life
  42. Retsu! Hurry! Dad!
  43. Reunion
  44. The Neck of Don Horror