Recap / South Park S 12 E 2 Britneys New Look

The boys decide to cash in on capturing footage of Britney Spears current erratic behaviour, as that's making the news more than anything about the 2008 election or the war in Iraq, but when Britney blows her head off after mistaking Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Butters for her children and is still forced to perform and make appearances, the boys must save Britney from the trappings of fame.

"Britney's New Look" contains examples of:

  • Downer Ending: Despite Stan and Kyle's best attempts to get her to safety, Britney is still caught by the townspeople and sacrificed by being photographed to death.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: See Here we go again below, turns out they where dead right.
  • Heel Realization: Seeing Britney Spears nearly kill herself makes Stan and Kyle realize how wrong what they did was
  • Heel–Face Turn: And they spend the rest of the episode trying to save Britney from everyone harassing her
  • Here We Go Again: After Britney's death, everyone then notices Miley Cyrus is becoming popular and name her the newest sacrifice...
  • Jerk Ass: Randy forces Stan and his friends to watch the news despite their protests.
    • The entire who bullied, stalked, and harassed Britney even after nearly killing herself
  • Moral Event Horizon: For pretty much everyone.
  • Lemony Narrator: When Stan and Britney are on a train to the North Pole while a disguised Kyle takes care of the paparazzi.
  • Shout-Out: The plot is based on the short story The Lottery.
    • Or the movie The Wicker Man.
    • The scene where Stan tries to get Britney to the North Pole is a parody of Frosty the Snowman, right down to the Jimmy Durante-esque narrator.