Recap / Renand Stimpy5x 09 Terminal Stimpy Reverend Jack

Terminal Stimpy: When Stimpy learns that he only has one life left, he goes through the five stages of accepting death.

Reverend Jack: Ren and Stimpy work for Reverend Jack Cheese preaching the joys of meat to the children of the world, but soon the Reverend goes insane and begins to think only about the meat. The Games artists' version of what happened when John K. was fired from the show.

"Terminal Stimpy" contains examples of:

"Reverend Jack" contains examples of:

  • Bowdlerization: The original airing had a scene where the reverend performs a ceremony by putting sandwiches on Ren and Stimpy's heads while reciting faux-Catholic chants. On Nicktoons and the DVD, it's replaced by a shot of the meat truck and the dialogue was shortened.
  • Call Back: When the police officer pulls the meat truck over, he points out the circus midgets stuck to the grill.
  • Captain Ersatz: Personality wise, Jack Cheese is a parody of John Kricfalusi, with his appearance being a bizarre caricature of The Riddler, right down to having his 60's actor (Frank Gorshin) voicing him.
  • Parody Religion
  • Sanity Slippage: Reverend Jack Cheese.
  • Self-Deprecation: As part of the behind-the-scenes satire, Ren says that due to Jack's crazy behavior, they haven't put on a single puppet show in months, a nod to the show's constant delays of new episodes.
    • The puppet show Ren and Stimpy put on without Jack attracts the kids, but it's noticeably not as strange or entertaining.
  • Special Guest: Frank Gorshin (famous for playing the Riddler in the 1960's Batman show) as Reverend Jack.
  • Take That!: The reverend is a parody of John Kricfalusi, and this episode was the writers' way of telling what it was like to work with him. The fact that he's portrayed as a Riddler ersatz (a character who is known for being arrogant, obsessive and crazy) is a dig at him as well.
  • Voice of the Legion: When the reverend calls the cow a "bloodthirsty, two-horned devil".