Recap: Renand Stimpy5x 06 I Was A Teenage Stimpy Whos Stupid Now

I Was a Teenage Stimpy: Ren and Stimpy deal with the onset of Stimpy's puberty.

Who's Stupid Now?: To keep their show on the air, Ren and Stimpy have to switch their roles - Ren becomes the fat idiot and Stimpy the skinny jerk.

"I Was a Teenage Stimpy" contains examples of:

"Who's Stupid Now?" contains examples of:

  • Executive Meddling: An un-universe example. The show's ratings are low, so the execs change Ren and Stimpy's roles, with Stimpy being the skinny jerk and Ren as the fat idiot.
  • Personality Swap: When Ren and Stimpy switch places, Ren's intelligence decreases while Stimpy becomes meaner.