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Recap: Renand Stimpy3x 06 Rens Retirement
Ren learns that, while he's only seven years old, in dog years he's really seventy. He becomes old and dies.

"Ren's Retirement" contains examples of:

  • Grave Humor: "I'll thank you to not drag your butt across my grave!" Nobody listens.
  • Malaproper: "Rain? In Octember?"
  • Nightmare Fuel: Basically it goes like this. Ren turns ten years old, seventy in dog years. He's convinced he's gonna die. He manages to get a high-end coffin and is buried, alive, with Stimpy. A large worm comes over to visit... and promptly eats all the meat from their bodies, leaving nothing but torn-up skin hanging on their skeletons. AND THEY ARE STILL ALIVE.
  • Rapid Aging
Renand Stimpy3x 04 Stimpys Cartoon ShowRecap/The Ren & Stimpy ShowRenand Stimpy4x 01 Hermit Ren

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