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Recap: Renand Stimpy1x 03 Space Madness The Boy Who Cried Rat
Space Madness

Ren and Stimpy are watching themselves on TV as astronauts going into outer space.While on a six-year break in space, Ren and Stimpy spend some quality time together, but the stress of being stuck alone in space stresses out Ren, and no matter what Stimpy does, Ren just keeps getting more and more insane. Finally, Ren tricks Stimpy into giving into the stress as well by tempting him into pushing the HISTORY ERASER BUTTON!

The Boy Who Cried Rat

Ren and Stimpy, here penniless and hungry, pretend that Ren is a mouse and Stimpy a professional mouse catcher to get $5. It's all going well until the clients want Stimpy to eat Ren...

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