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Recap: Renand Stimpy1x 02 Robin Hoek Nurse Stimpy
The second episode of The Ren & Stimpy Show.

Robin Hoek

Ren is tired, but Stimpy insists on a story. So he tells his own version of the story of Robin Hood with Ren as "Robin Hoek" and Stimpy as... everyone else.

Nurse Stimpy

Ren gets sick with some disease, and Stimpy works day and night to help him. By the end, Ren is cured, but Stimpy catches the disease instead and so Nurse Ren vows vengeance on all the suffering and icky-tasting medicine he'd been put through.

Robin Hoek provides examples of:

Nurse Stimpy provides examples of:

  • Old Shame: John K. doesn't care much for how this episode turned out (it originally was supposed to be grosser and more risqué than what viewers saw, but Nickelodeon cracked down on it), which is why he had his name changed to "Raymond Spum" in the credits.
  • Sick Episode
  • Undying Loyalty: Poor Stimpy. Especially when Ren goes into relapse, he works like mad to get him better.
  • Worst News Judgement Ever: "Ren Hoek takes bubbly sponge bath"?! It made the front page and was considered an "Extra!"
    • Hilarious in Hindsight, Parental Bonus and Fridge Brilliance: The joke is funnier when you consider how much legitimate journalism has given way to sensationalist, tabloid-style news, especially when it comes to stories about celebrities and political sex scandals.
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