Recap / Regular Show S 02 Ep 09 Party Pete

While cleaning out the attic, Mordecai and Rigby discover a small refrigerator containing soda from the 1984 Olympic Games, RadiCola. Before they decide to take it out back to drink it, they overhear Benson and Skips having a conversation through the vent. Skips is trying to convince Benson to take the day off, telling him that he works too hard. Mordecai and Rigby decides to take advantage of this by throwing a party. When the party starts to failing, they see an ad on TV about "Party Pete", a man who can help make any party more exciting, and decide to call him.

This episode provides examples of:

  • Bowdlerization: The UK and Australian versions are heavily edited to remove Party Pete's pelvic thrusting, the rude language (like "Suck on this!"), and Party Pete's floozies shaking it for Pops' pleasure.
    • In the UK, Muscle Man's line, "It takes guests with breasts and mine don't count," was changed to "It takes guests with chicks and my mom doesn't count." The replacement line may look innocent (albeit a bit awkward, since it doesn't rhyme), but, considering the "My Mom!" jokes Muscle Man tells and how they paint the woman as a fat, ugly sleaze who is sexually promiscuous at best (and sexually depraved at worst), the edited line is actually no better than the uncut line. The only difference between them is that the UK censors don't want British kids to know about breasts (especially ones on an out-of-shape character like Muscle Man).
  • Candlelit Bath: Benson has this to relax when he takes the night off.
  • Life of the Party: Party Pete.
  • Oh, Crap!: When Mordecai and Rigby discovers that the sodas that they used for their party belongs to Benson and he plans on sharing the sodas with them as an award for not throwing a party.
  • Our Centaurs Are Different: As more people showed up for the party, centaurs started showing up. They even helped Mordecai and Rigby clean up the mess from the party before Benson arrives.
  • Wild 20-Something Party