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Recap: Raumschiff GameStar
A list of episodes of Raumschiff GameStar.

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    Season 1 

    Season 2 
  1. "The New Ship" ("Das neue Schiff")
  2. "Alpha Centauri" ("Alpha Centauri")
  3. "Teddy's Finest Hour" ("Teddys große Stunde")

    Season 3 
  1. "The Game Archive" ("Das Spielearchiv")
  2. "Under the Evil's Curse" ("Im Bann des Bösen")
  3. "The Sabotage Squad" ("Der Sabotagetrupp")
  4. "Cursed Coffee" ("Verfluchter Kaffee")
  5. "The Universe Is Not Enough" ("Das Universum ist nicht genug")
  6. "The Women's Weapons" ("Die Waffen der Frauen")
  7. "The Wise Man from the Mountain" ("Der weise Mann vom Berg")
  8. "The Hostage Drama, Part 1" ("Das Geiseldrama, Teil 1")
  9. "The Hostage Drama, Part 2" ("Das Geiseldrama, Teil 2")
  10. "The Boomerang Bomb" ("Die Bumerang-Bombe")
  11. "Blow for Blow" ("Schlag auf Schlag")
  12. "The Death of the Death Star" ("Der Tod des Todessterns")
  13. "The Little Man in the Ear" ("Der kleine Mann im Ohr")
  14. "The Space Whirlpool" ("Der Weltraum-Strudel")
  15. "The Desert Planet" ("Der Wüstenplanet")
  16. "The Mummy Returns" ("Die Mumie kehrt zurück")
  17. "Hunters and Hunted" ("Jäger und Gejagte")
  18. "Heroes from the Third Row" ("Helden aus der dritten Reihe"note )

    Season 4 
  1. "Indians" ("Indianer")
  2. "Heiko Potter" ("Heiko Potter")
  3. "The Duel" ("Das Duell")
  4. "Hero's Death" ("Heldentod")
  5. "Summer, Sunshine, Stanglnator" ("Sommer, Sonne, Stanglnator")
  6. "Drill Sergeant" ("Drill Sergeant")
  7. "Mafia" ("Mafia")
  8. "Anno 1942" ("Anno 1942")
  9. "Mopp's Mission" ("Mopps Mission")
  10. "The Golden C64" ("Der Goldene C64")
  11. "Mr. Fisher" ("Mr. Fisher")
  12. "Farewell to the Eighties" ("Adieu Achtziger")
  13. "Woman at the Wheel" ("Frau am Steuer")
  14. "Soul Exchange" ("Seelenwanderung")
  15. "Attack of the Aliens" ("Angriff der Aliens")
  16. "Mutant Pile" ("Mutantenstadl")
  17. "Showdown" ("Showdown")

    Season 5 
  1. "The Poll" ("Die Umfrage")
  2. "Open Death Star Day" ("Tag des offenen Todessterns")
  3. "Pointlessly in Space" ("Planlos im All")
  4. "The Most Horrible Place in the Universe" ("Der schrecklichste Ort des Universums")
  5. "The Jungle Test" ("Die Dschungelprüfung")
  6. "Of Spiders and Madmen" ("Von Spinnen und Spinnern"note )
  7. "Real Time" ("Echtzeit")
  8. "The Trojan Horse" ("Das trojanische Pferd")

    Extra Episodes 

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