Recap / Primeval S 2 E 2

An anomaly opens in an office block, releasing a cloud of noxious gas and a community of giant man-eating worms. The team are joined by a new PR representative, Jenny Lewis - whom Cutter is convinced is Claudia Brown.
  • Artistic License Paleontology: The giant worms in this episode are, well giant, but come from a time prior to the oxygen catastrophe. The problem is, any animal from this time would need to be small, because oxygen is what allowed creatures to get huge on Earth (it's a metabolic fuel).
  • Kill It with Fire: Or, rather, heat: since the worms need to breath in the fog that they came with, the team simply raises the temperature in the building, causing the air to flow out of the building they are trapped in. However, this causes the worms to start spawning.
    • Kill It with Water: Cutter and Stephen counter this by activating the sprinklers, cooling it down enough to kill the newly spawned worms.