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Recap: Phineas And Ferb Rollercoaster
"What are they doing right now? Why do you ask? What do mean, you can see it from your house? See what?"

The pilot for Phineas and Ferb, and the set up for all the plots to follow. Enter the Flynn-Fletcher family, as the snarky red-head Phineas remarks that he doesn’t want to spend this summer lazing around, so he and his brother Ferb set-out to do something spectacular. And by spectacular, we mean build a roller-coaster. Meanwhile, their sister Candace, whose been put in charge (at least in the case of a crashed satellite) desperately tries to get her mom to see the unbelievable contraption they’ve build. Her attempts to do so are accidentally foiled by her pet platypus, Perry, who is actually a secret agent trying to thwart his nemesis Doctor Doofenshmirtz in his attempts to cover the entire Tri-State Area in tin foil. Why? Because he wants to use magnets to reverse the rotation of the Earth, duh.


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