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Recap: Persona Year Of The Eclipse
A Recap page for an RP that has seriously gone off the high end and needs some organizing.

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It was June 2012, the 4th. The Coordinated Universal Time was 8:48 AM. The day of a Lunar Eclipse. it was a bizzare phenomenon, to say the least. The sky was clear, and red. The oceans were violent. The entire Earth seemed like it was experiencing an apocylapse. As if chosen at random, several across the world collapsed. Something was awakening inside of them. Strange dreams flooded the minds of those now graced with a Gift that lies dormant.

It is now November 28th, 2012, Coordinated Universal Time 12:15 PM. Another Lunar Eclipse. One region has started to have a number of mysterious happenings. Citizens of this area have started to act strangely. Random bystanders blacking out, awakening to find themselves in weird areas, People have gone missing, and most of all, some have accounted of experiencing a nightmare in where they were in a world parallel to this one, all other humans around them were like ghosts, and a red moon stayed a dominant position in the sky.
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