Recap / Person Of Interest S 01 E 09

Season 1, Episode 9:

Get Carter

Reese: Your life's in danger.
Carter: I'm a cop. My life's always in danger.

With Detective Carter bull-headedly sticking her nose into various cases and continuing to investigate the rise of Elias as one of New York's most influential crime figures, it's no surprise to Reese and Finch when her number comes up. The pair dig deeper into Carter's life and background and learn that there's no shortage of people who might want her dead; chief among them is Elias himself, who has allied himself with "HR", a loose infrastructure of New York's corrupt cops and city officials that want to put the "organized" back in "organized crime" (and get paid, of course). With Reese and Finch watching her back, Carter tries to solve a gang killing and intervenes in a domestic dispute, unaware that Elias has decreed she be dead by the end of the day.

Tropes present in this episode include: