Recap / Perry Rhodan Atlan And Arkon

By 2040 A.D. the Solar Empire has grown in strength but remains in hiding from the other galactic realms. To the galaxy Earth is considered destroyed and Rhodan and his crew are presumed dead, the position of the Terran Homeworld is a closely guarded secret. Contact to oter species is only possible through agents of Solar Defense, masquerading as members of on of the other humanoid races in the galaxy.

From an ancient hidden deep-sea installation on Earth, the Immortal Atlan emerges, who lived there for thousands of years since the destruction of the Arkonide colony Atlantis. After all his time on earth he finally sees his chance to escape offworld. He gives the Solar Defense and Rhodan a run for their money, leading them on a chase throughout the solar system. Atlan almost succeeds twice, first getting caught by Rhodan on a remote inhospitable planet and brought back to Earth, then reaching Venus where he finally gives up and agrees to work with the Terrans instead of battling them. Perry Rhodan and Atlan become friends after their numerous clashes.

The action shifts away from the Solar System after that, to the distant Planet of Volat. Two renegade Mutants want to betray the galactic position of Earth to the Terrans enemies, since they have been denied the live-prolonging "cell-shower" Rhodan and his Mutant Corps prevent the betrayal, unfortunately revealing he is alive in the process. The Robot Regent of Arkon tries to establish contact with Peryy Rhodan shortly after.

A number of Terrans disappear from various planets, abducted by an unknown force, the Solar Empire and Arkon have to ally in order to confront this new danger. The Druuf are attacking, an alien Species wich exists in the so-called Red Universe, shifted in time. Atlan remembers an earlier conflict with the Druuf from 10.000 years ago. Finally the Terrans find a way to enter the universe of the alien aggressors and battle them effectively. They trick the Robot regent into sending countless unmanned ships to battle the Druuf, culminating in great losses for both sides while saving Terran resources.

By 2044, the Red Universe seemingly drifts away from the standard universe, sealing the entrance points and ending the Druuf threat. However, a big fleet gets into our universe, threatening to attack Earth. In a heavy battle, the Terrans manage to hold their ground, and thanks to help sent in by the Jumpers(Free Traders) and Arkonides, the Druuf are destroyed. The uneasy alliance with the Robot regent of Arkon about to end, Rhodan takes steps to avoid having Terra discovered by the despotic supercomputer. After attempts to destroy the machine failed, Atlan approaches Arkon to claim his birthright, the emperors Throne on Arkon. The Robot Regent recognizes Atlans claim as legit and transfers rulership of the Arkon Empire to him, making him Emperor and the Arkonides allies of the Terrans.