Recap / Penny And Aggie Tees And Cues

"Tired of sending the wrong mating call with a T that just isn't U?"
— Stan

This arc serves as a coda of sorts to Behind Closed Doors. Michelle, after losing her virginity to Stan, shows up at school talking like him and dressed more provocatively than usual. Meanwhile, Stan tells Jack he wishes he'd realized she was new to sex. This gives Stan the idea for a new project.

As Brandi and Penny, also talking about Michelle, disagree on Stan's desirability, Stan turns up to ask Brandi if she'll model t-shirts for him again (as she had during his election campaign). At the mention of modelling, the star-struck Penny gets excited, but Stan, still resentful over her having dated Rich, tries to dissuade her. Penny reminds him that he's directed her in videos before, and claims credit for one of them being his most-downloaded video ever. Brandi, anxious to keep the peace, assures them she's happy to share the spotlight.

Stan and Jack launch an online video for their "Self-Marketees" shirts, so named for their purpose of advertising one's personality and sexual availability or lack thereof. Although several models appear in the ad, Penny and Brandi appear from the mouth down only. When Jack questions this, Stan hints that Rich wouldn't like seeing Penny in his video. As Stan and Jack sell their merchandise at school, Penny, furious over her face being cropped out, confronts Stan, telling him that she's no threat to him anymore because she dumped Rich. Stan, unperturbed, offers to sell her an "I'm moving on" tee.

When Michelle buys a "Taken and smug about it" shirt, Stan is pleased with himself for—he thinks—giving her the confidence to find a boyfriend. Jack looks at him slyly, leading the commitment-averse Stan to realize Michelle now considers him that boyfriend.


  • Bare Your Midriff: Michelle does so, in addition to wearing a micro-mini, following her tryst with Stan, as an expression of her newfound sexual self-confidence. Although roughly the first year of the comic (2004-2005) often featured girls in midriff-baring tops, that was still the style at the time. The strip in this example ran in late 2006, when midriff-baring was no longer "in," and was therefore more noticeable, as can be seen from the boy gawking lustfully at her.
  • Comically Missing the Point: Stan.
    • When Jack tells Stan he needs to work on his listening skills, Stan interrupts him with, "Yeah, I gotta get me some of those!"
    • After Michelle buys a t-shirt indicating she has a guy, Stan doesn't realize at first that he's that guy.
  • Fun T-Shirt
  • I Have Boobs, You Must Obey!: Subverted when Penny tries persuading Stan to let her model his shirts.
    Penny: You gonna look at my chest, then back in my eyes and tell me I can't display your merchandise?
    Stan: Wow, boobs, never seen those before.
    Penny: They worked for Rich.
  • Narcissist - While modelling one of his own shirts, Stan thinks, "Good God, Stan, you are so sexay!"
  • The Prima Donna: Penny.
  • Shout-Out
  • The Silent Bob: With just a raised eyebrow, Jack manages to communicate to Stan that Michelle's fallen in love with him.
  • Subordinate Excuse: Penny strongly implies, to Stan's face, that he resents her because he has a crush on Rich and is jealous. He doesn't exactly deny it.