Recap / Penny And Aggie Hate

"You think this is personal. Ha. I wish."
— Aggie

This brief arc takes place in the wake of The Race Card and reveals why Aggie hates Penny so much. Nick receives a call from the school about Aggie having disrupted the school recently by calling Penny a racist and "worse than Hitler." He tells Aggie he expects better from her, and that a grudge isn't worth abandoning her pacifist values over. Aggie responds that her problem with Penny is precisely because of her values. Specifically, she takes issue with Penny failing to use her intelligence, wealth and popularity for altruistic causes. Nick suggests influencing Penny to help others by example, and maintains that Aggie doesn't really "hate" her. Aggie shouts "Don't tell me how I feel!" and storms out.


  • Call-Back: To The Mockingbird. When Nick asks Aggie whether she could take the "high road" and thereby shame Penny into helping others, Aggie recalls her reaching out to Karen after Aggie had called her out for belittling her over her weight.
  • Popular Is Dumb: Played straight in the first strip, where Aggie, as part of a writing exercise, inadvertently ends up picturing Penny as a hunky ladies' man...who's extremely stupid. Subverted in the story proper, when Aggie says she'd thought Penny was stupid but then learned otherwise (in the previous arc). However, in Aggie's opinion that's all the more reason to hate her, because she doesn't use her intelligence the way Aggie thinks she should.
  • Rule 63: An in-comic (and non-pornographic) example occurs in the first strip, where Aggie, for a writing exercise, imagines herself and people she knows as someone of the opposite gender.