Recap: Mystery Science Theater 3000 S 10 E 10 It Lives By Night

Film watched: It Lives by Night

Tropes found in the Mystery Science Theater 3000 presentation include:

  • Black Widow: Pearl has racked up quite the collection of dead husbands and fiancÚs.
    Pearl: Sit back down or I'll marry you!
  • Brain Bleach: Comes into play at the end of the movie along with a healthy heaping of Fridge Horror:
    Crow: Now, wait a minute... how did she turn into a bat? The only contact she had with him was in the hotel and...
    Tom: GAH!
    Crow: OH MY GOD! I get the shower first!
    Tom: No, me first!
    Mike: Urgh!
    • In the rough cut, after filming has stopped, Mike Nelson mutters, "Semen!", and Kevin Murphy adds an anguished "Fluids! They exchanged fluids!"
  • Call Back:
    • In the rough cut, the guys reference the "Owner of a Lonely Heart" joke from Final Justice; at one point, Patrick Brantseg starts playing the song, and the guys remark that they have to listen at least to the orchestra hit.
    • The crew also do some ADR for Hamlet.
  • Continuity Nod: A handful of references are made to Werewolf, probably due to the stupidly similar plot seen once this movie really gets rolling.
  • Cowboy Bebop at His Computer: The movie is also known as The Bat People, but the title above is what appeared on the copy BBI used. Nonetheless, whenever this episode was rerun, Sci-Fi Channel used The Bat People in their online schedule listings instead of It Lives By Night. Fans were, of course, confused.
  • Incredibly Lame Pun: At one point, Mike (speaking for Sgt. Ward) quips: "My father was a master bat hunter...I guess that makes me a Bat Master's son."
  • Oh Crap!: Or in this case, "SQUEAK! SQUEAK!"
  • Porn Stache: Mike attempts to see how one looks on him and asks what Pearl's opinion is. She likes it, mildly. Crow goes for an even bigger one, which makes her quite smitten with him. Servo takes his Up to Eleven, but it's just so big that he falls over.
  • Precision F-Strike: In the rough cut version, during one later scene, both Crow and Tom get in on this version of one of the episode's running gags.
    • Mike later says, "Well, squeak him!"
  • Product Placement: In the rough cut, they discuss the difficulty of a Coily mascot.
    Mike: (high pitched voice) I'm Coily with a "y"!
    Bill: (high pitched voice) I'm Coilee with a double "e"!
  • Running Gag: The Mellow Doctor.
    • So MANY bat jokes, go figure, considering what movie they're riffing.
    • In the rough cut version the guys had just seen A Case of Spring Fever and spend most of the breaks between shooting making scatological jokes regarding the name "Coily".
    • The female protagonist's thin figure, as well as visual similarities to Mary Tyler Moore.
    • "Squeak..."
      • In the rough cut, Bill says, "Fucking squeak!" Kevin is especially pleased.
    • The crew had also just seen Track of the Moon Beast, and go on about Johnny's stew recipe and his Chewing the Scenery exclamation, "PAUL ISN'T PAUL ANYMORE!" They also mock the crusty caretaker in Werewolf ("Oh, Jesus, dear Goooooooood").
  • Shout-Out: When John steals an ambulance, Crow remarks "I guess technically I'm in the Batmobile."
  • Suspiciously Specific Denial: After Ward first asks John if he knows about the attack in the hospital the previous night:
    Crow: I'm not a bat! I mean...
  • Took a Level in Jerkass: As obnoxious as he was before he got bitten, John gets even worse afterward.
    Crow: Maybe he got bit by a jerk bat.
    • Then there's Sheriff Menacing W. Pervert.