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Recap: Mystery Science Theater 3000 S 08 E 10 The Giant Spider Invasion
Film watched: The Giant Spider Invasion

Mike Nelson and Kevin Murphy hosted a Bill Rebane Film Festival in 2005 mentioning that, while The Giant Spider Invasion is not a good movie, they can admire the director's ability to get it made.

During the crowd scenes in the MST3K version, Mike and the bots cheer ‘’Packers won the Super Bowl! WHOOOO!!’’. This led to a resurgence of interest in the episode among fans in 2011 when the Green Bay Packers beat The Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XLV.

The episode is included in the show's DVD box sets 10 and 10.2.

The MST3K treatment provides examples of:

  • Bamboo Technology: During one of the sheriff's phone calls:
    Crow: "Professor made a toaster out of coconuts?"
  • Brain Bleach: The cast screams upon seeing filthy Wisconsin hick Dan Kester in his stained pajamas.
    Servo: I don't know how, but I just became sterile!
    Mike: (utterly defeated) Oh my, what a...what a handsome man.
    • Making matters worse, Dan then chases his nubile sister-in-law around a table threatening to spank her.
      Mike: Aaaaand the movie ramps up the repulsion.
      Crow: Yeah. This movie hates us, doesn't it?
  • Breaking the Bonds: Bobo breaks out of his ropes after a quick pep-talk from Mike and goes apeshit on the pods.
  • Creepy Monotone: Those assimilated by the pods speak this way to sell the strangeness of the duplicates as hard as possible.
  • Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: Bobo actually saves the universe from the pods.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: The Mother Pod goes down quickly once Bobo finally gets around to fighting it.
  • Dare to Be Badass: Mike does a Call Back to the first Sci Fi episode, telling Bobo, "You are a great mountain gorilla! You are Bobo, son of Koko!"
    Bobo: (breaking free from ropes) Yes! And heir to the lineage of Godo! Mogo! and Chim-Chim!!
  • Despair Event Horizon: "Movie sign! Again!"
  • Does This Remind You of Anything?: Invoked by Servo.
    Servo: Greasy guys carrying unconscious girls, comfortable 2PM beer buzz... you homesick yet, Mike?note 
  • Genius Bonus: When Servo gasps, "Albert Camus!", he's referencing the fact Camus died in a motorcycle accident. invoked
  • Here We Go Again: After learning that while being controlled by the pods she missed the SOL crew watching the movie, Pearl gets Brain Guy to resend it.
    "Movie sign! Again!"
  • Incredibly Lame Pun: While Dan's berating his wife we get this gem:
    Dan: You wouldn't know the difference between rabbit turds and Rice Krispies!
    Crow: Snap, crackle, poop.
  • Informal Eulogy: When Crow T. Robot poses as Dan Kester:
    I'd like to say a few words. Uh, this guy's dead, the end.
  • Ironic Nursery Tune: What an assimilated Gypsy uses to try to lull the others into helplessness. "Let an evil superconsciousness / swallow you whole..."
  • Klatchian Coffee: Crow whips one up to help him stay awake. He's shuddering and stuttering as he describes its ingredients, and he nearly has a heart attack. After that host segment, you can still hear his racing heartbeat in the theater for a few moments.
  • Long List: Crow rattles one off of all the stimulants he's using to stay awake:
    Crow: I-I-I-I'm fine, Mike. I'm fine. I've got French roast, V-V-V-Vivarin, Mountain Dew, Water Joe, Jolt, S-S-S-S-Surge, chocolate-covered espresso beans, M&Ms and I'm listening to Nitzer Ebb and I'm FINE MIKE. Really, I'm fine. I'm fine.
    • Also Servo's CMOA as he lists the exact contents of his underwear collection.
  • Never Sleep Again: The host segments feature an extended parody of Invasion of the Body Snatchers, with Mike, Crow, and Tom Servo trying to stay awake to avoid being replaced by pod people.
  • Plank Gag: The "portage" scene in the first skit, featuring Servo balancing a canoe on his head and smacking Crow and Mike with it whenever he looks in either direction. It would be his revenge for Mike smacking him around with the same gag back in San Francisco International.
  • Rooting for the Empireinvoked: The spiders haven't even appeared on-screen yet, and Mike and the 'bots turn on the characters.
    Crow: Go spiders! Go spiders, go, go, go!
  • Rousing Speech: Mike inspires Bobo by appealing to his heroic lineage.
    • Take That: MST3K's creators are fans of the Minnesota Vikings, and apparently don't think too highly of Packers fans.
      • The Packers had won the Super Bowl a few months before the episode aired, so the wounds are fresh.
      • However, Mike is from Wisconsin (though obviously not a Packers fan), which leads to a lot of jokes at his expense in this episode (see Does This Remind You Of Anything?).
      • When the Packers won the Super Bowl in 2011, the twitterverse exploded with links to a video of the '’Packers won the Super Bowl! WHOOOO!!’’ bit. Bill Corbett tweeted "My god, the Giant Spider Invasion prophecy just came true" (being from Brooklyn, Corbett has no hatred for the Packers) while a depressed Kevin Murphy tweeted, "I humbly submit: [ahem] Packers. [bows deeply, bangs forehead on pile of Schlitz Tall Boys]"
    • Unrelated to the Packers running gag, there are also numerous redneck/white trash jokes.
  • Shout-Out: "I like you, Dottie. Like!"
  • Special Effects Failureinvoked: As Crow puts it, "Giant Puppet Invasion!"
    • The Giant Spider was also subject to much mockery, between the car jokes and how the thing appears to eat its victims with its butt.
      Servo: Does it matter that the spider ate him with its butt?
      Mike: I think it's appropriate for this guy.
  • Spot the Impostor: When Servo is faced with his pod-duplicate, Mike and Crow ask questions to see which one's real. The clone gets lucky on the first, Servo and the clone collaborate to answer the second, but the pod creature is outed when Mike asks about the contents of Servo's underwear collection.
    Crow: Frankly, I don't know why we need any Servo at all.
  • State Rivalry: invoked Minnesota and Wisconsin's rivalry is front and center for this episode.
  • Stereo Fibbing: Pod-Pearl and Pod-Observer trying to convince Mike and The Bots that the pods were harmless...
    Pearl/Observer: Zucchini/Throw pillows.
    Pearl/Observer: Throw pillows/Zucchini.
    Pearl/Observer: Well, it's a kind of (Zucchini/throw pillow) that you can use as a (throw pillow/Zucchini).
    Pearl: They're throw pillows -
    Observer: Zucchi-
    Pearl: (glares at Observer) They're throw pillows.
  • Unintentional Period Piece: Crow uses the soon to be discontinued soda Surge as part of his Klatchian Coffee, even calling special attention to it by stuttering over the name. It returned in 2014, however, bringing things full circle.
  • Whole Plot Reference: To Invasion of the Body Snatchers. While camping, Pearl, Brain Guy, and Bobo discover a bunch of pod-like creatures, get duplicated, and send a few up to the Satellite of Love to assimilate Mike and the 'bots. Throughout the host segments the rest of the cast try to resist being assimilated, until only Mike and Bobo are left. Mike talks the ape into saving the day, but since Pearl didn't get to watch the others watching the movie, she sends it to them again.
    Mike and the 'Bots: Movie sign! AGAIN!


"(blows raspberry; laughs)"
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