Recap / Mystery Science Theater 3000 S 08 E 05 The Thing That Couldnt Die

Film watched: The Thing That Couldn't Die

Tropes present in the Mystery Science Theater 3000 presentation include:

  • Actor Allusion: Invoked. The "All night paleontologist" seems to greatly resemble Franklin D. Roosevelt.
  • Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking: Near the end of the scenes where Boyd the obviously evil fieldhand talks his friend into stealing from the chest, peeps on the female guests, and steals from his boss' bedsidenote ...
    Servo: Well, I only peeped for six hours, but I'm going to put eight on my timecard.
  • Artistic License History: Crow's epic documentary on "the War Civil". To give you an idea, it starts with Crow claiming no one knows when the Civil War took place.
  • Continuity Nod: "Plug it in, Joe."
  • Girl-on-Girl Is Hot: The guys cheer at scenes making it look like Jessica and Linda are more than friends. When they get into bed together, albeit in a non-sexual way, the guys start dancing in the theater.
  • I'm Standing Right Here: One of the Observersnote  comes to study the inhabitants of the SOL, claiming he will not interfere with them, as he is an impartial observer. He then proceeds to rattle off a series of increasingly insulting opinions about Mike and the Bots and talk about how he's disgusted by Mike in particular. He does this right in front of them, until they get sick of it and shove the Observer out the airlock. Without his brain.
    Paul!Observer: I shall now observe the ungainly peach-colored creature. His humid, fleshy extentions struggle as he attempts to dominate some simple, seemingly purposeless toy. Already a sense of pity overcomes me, and yet I am repelled by my own compassion! Although his biological makeup implies a living thing, I'm certain we will discover him to be but an animated piece of refuse or feces. But I must remain impartial and continue to study even as he mocks everything I hold dear. I hate him, and can take comfort only in my own cool detachment. He looks at me now, and no flicker of comprehension do I discern in his flat and lifeless eyes. I can only pray his tiny spinal column conveys no spot of truth, no splinter of the horrible reality that is his own soul. My god, I pray for his death! As do all things that love rightness and decency!
    • Tranquil Fury: Mike says nothing and just blankly stares before saying enough is enough and tosses him out.
    • Funny Background Event: For whatever reason, Servo is sunbathing. After Paul!Observer is kicked out, he casually asks, "Am I getting red?"
  • The Noun Who Verbed: The title of the episode.
  • Obviously Evil: The crew wonders if Boyd was hired straight out of prison.
  • Running Gag:
  • Shout-Out:
    • To Star Trek: The Original Series. The Observers tell Mike that they can materialize people from his memories; for some reason, the first person to appear is Finnegan, Captain Kirk's annoying old nemesis from the episode "Shore Leave". The 'Bots beg Mike to imagine Adrienne Barbeau; she appears after Mike first summons Roman emperor Hadrian. Both immediately begin fighting Mike like Finnegan as soon as they appear.
      Crow: I can't believe you did that to Adrienne Barbeau!
      Mike: Well, she was beating me up.
    • The Observers themselves are both this and a parody of the similar "Brains that have evolved beyond the need for bodies" villains from "The Gamesters of Triskelion", also from Star Trek: TOS.