Recap / Mystery Science Theater 3000 S 05 E 19 Outlaw

Film watched: Outlaw of Gor aka Outlaw

Servo: Say, fellas. There sure is a lot of skin in this movie, isn't there?
Mike: There sure is!
Crow: Yet, despite all the acres of flesh in this film I just can't come up wit' a woid to describes it.
Servo: Well, I can!
Mike: You can?
Servo: Why sure!

Servo: It's breasticaboobical, chesticamammical, pendular globular fun!
Mike: Fleshical orbular, moundulous scoopular?
Servo: Right-o! That's the one!
Crow: Is it glutealmaximal, tushitalcrackular, bunular morning 'til night?
Servo: Well you're absotaglandular, fanny-fantastical, masturcafleshularight!

All: It's an areological autoerotical tubular boobular joy!
An exposularegional, batchical pouchular fun for girl and boy!
A latisimal dorsical, hung like a horsical, callipyligical ball!
Crow: The most bunular funular —
Mike: Fruit of the loomular —
Crow: Frenchical tongular —
Servo: Wabitaboobular —
Crow and Mike: Movie of them alllllllllll!
Servo (simultaneously with Crow and Mike): (Funular bunular, fruit of the loomular, frenchical tongular, wabitaboobular!
Fleshical orbicle, smorgastiboobular, tushobuttcheekular ball!)

All: Hey!
Tubular Boobular as sung in this episode.

This episode features examples of:

  • Bread, Eggs, Milk, Squick: Jack Palance's diary
    Servo: (mimicking Palance) "Day 10. Missed call. I think I..." (normal voice) "I think I killed a man today, more later"?!
    • The gang decides they've had enough and walk away from the book - til Crow exclaims that it has an entire chapter on Tango & Cash.
      Mike: (mimicking Palance) "Saw Russell's butt today!"
  • Call Back: A few:
  • Drinking Game: Servo suggests drinking every time the annoying sidekick says Cabot's name. According to IMDB the name is said fifty-five times throughout the entire movie, mostly by the sidekick.
  • End of an Age: This was the final episode to feature invention exchanges. In the "Amazing Colossal Episode Guide" book, it's stated that the reason is that Mike isn't an inventor by trade like Joel was. So it didn't make sense for him to keep being somebody he's not.
  • Getting Crap Past the Radar: The lyrics to Tubular Boobular Joy (quoted above).
  • Have I Mentioned I Am Heterosexual Today?: Invoked by Servo after Watney explains he's so into girls.
  • Kill Him Already: Watney Smith
    Mike: No one would see if you killed him now!
    Crow: He'd probably get a free drink at the Pullman.
    Mike, Tom, Crow: (chanting) Kill him, kill him, kill him...
  • Notable Original Music: The Tubular Boobular song quoted on this page.
    • No Reprise Please: Gypsy enters after the song ends, and...
      Gypsy: Hey guys! How's the movie?
      Mike & the Bots: (singing) Ohhh, it's, breasticaboobical, chesticamammical... (interrupted by Movie Sign)
  • Old Shame: In-universe, averted for the most part, as Mike doesn't seem that embarrassed about his early acting career. That said, he did seem to wear a lot of sailor suits. Even for Death of a Salesman, Waiting for Godot, Hamlet, Richard III, Oh! Calcutta! ... Not even Mike realised this until the bots pointed it out to him, leading to some relatively mild Fridge Horror on Mike's part.
    Servo: (on Mike in Oh! Calcutta) WOW, THAT'S NAUGHTY!... You'd be nude if not for the sailor suit.
  • Overly Long Gag:
    "Missed call!"
    • The USA Network movie titles during the end credits. Pretty much any time the riffed movie was new enough to have long end credits!
  • Running Gag: Replying to the frequent questions by the film's cast of "What/Where the hell is _________?" with "It's/You're the hell here!"
  • Sanity Slippage: The Mads seem to have lost their minds at the end.
  • Take a Third Option:
    Lara: There's a prisoner loose in the desert, and I want him back alive. Bring him to me and you shall receive 50,000 tusks. Dead? Nothing!
    Mike: Wounded? We can prorate it, we'll talk about that...
  • Take Our Word for It: The Mads' time machine.
  • Throw It In: In-universe, a few jokes are made of Jack Palance supposedly going off-script, like when he accuses the queen of acting like a "bitch in heat."
  • Title Confusion: The title Outlaw was only used for this episode. It was released elsewhere as either Outlaw of Gor or Gor II. Servo understandably thinks at first it's the film starring Jane Russell, especially since Howard Hughes heavily promoted Russell's breasts. (George S. Kaufman stated, "They ought to call it 'A Sale of Two Titties'".)
  • Wham Line: In-Universe. Mike and the bots find an autobiography with journal excerpts on Jack Palance's experiences making this movie. They're having fun reading about Jack's drunkenness and the general lack of care on set when they get to an entry that reads "I think I killed a man. More later". They conclude that it's time to put down the book for a while... note 
  • Why We Can't Have Nice Things: Invoked by Gypsy at the boys' roughhousing.