Film watched: ''[[Film/{{Hercules}} Hercules Unchained]]''

!!The ''Mystery Science Theater 3000'' presentation contains examples of:
* GeniusBonus: [[invoked]] At the title, Servo starts singing, "Oh, Hercules, my darling..."[[note]]"Unchained Melody", geddit?[[/note]]
* ItsBeenDone: By Steve Allen, no less; Joel invents the Steve-O-Meter which detects whether a given idea has already been thought of by Steve Allen. Turns out Steve already thought of the Steve-O-Meter too.
* LovePotion: In parody of the film's Waters Of Forgetfulness, Joel and the 'bots partake of the (Bottled) Water Of Forgetfulness, the Carob Shake Of Pretentiousness, the Dairy Queen Blizzard Of Loneliness(I found a quartah!), the Fruit Stripe Gum Of Stability, and the Green Bean And French Onion Casserole Of Happiness.
* ShapedLikeItself:
-->'''Hercules:''' I'm so sleepy I can't seem to keep awake!
-->'''Servo:''' Uh, that'd be the definition of "sleepy".
** When facing Anteus:
-->'''Ulysses:''' Iím telling you it must be Anteus, son of the earth goddess!
-->'''Joel:''' Thatís who he '''said''' he was! ''(For the record, Anteus stated who he was four times, ''and'' said he was the son of Poseidon the sea god, too.)''
* TheTalk: Crow and Servo try to get Joel to do this, although it's implied that they're just trying to make him feel awkward.

->''[[TheStinger [Lydia stares, bulges eyes]]]''