[[caption-width-right:350:''City Limits''? Sounds like a clothing store for high school girls!]]

Film watched: ''Film/CityLimits''

!!The Segments:
* Crow and Tom drop a load of ping-pong balls on Joel as an homage to ''Series/CaptainKangaroo''. He's not amused.

[[AC:Segment 1/Invention Exchange]]
* The SOL crew produce Mr. Meat & Potato-Head for newly-born vegetarians who don't know what to do with the meat still in their freezers. The Mads invented Tupperware which helps contain pop star freshness. They demonstrate with Music/{{Morrissey}}.

[[AC:Segment 2]]
* Crow presents "Oh, Kim Cattrall", his [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin love ballad to Kim Cattrall]]. It's a cappella. Then he ropes Joel, Tom and Gypsy into recreating a scene from ''Film/{{Mannequin}}''.

[[AC:Segment 3]]
* Crow and Tom look through their comic book collection, then start coming up with their own superheroes.

[[AC:Segment 4]]
* Even more superheroes are imagined. They need to fill up the Fantastic 85, after all! Or is it Fantastic '''1'''85?

[[AC:Segment 5]]
* While playing the ''City Limits Trivia Game'', they realize they don't remember anything about the film. The first fan letter would like to join the Information Club, while the second one tells some jokes. Morrissey is sniffing Dr. Forrester, forcing Frank to chloroform him.

!!The ''Mystery Science Theater 3000'' presentation contains examples of:
* BerserkButton: Joel gets increasingly irritated with the Bots' repeated ''[[Series/TheNBCMysteryMovie NBC Mystery Movie]]'' riffs every time a flashlight appeared. By the start of the [[Recap/MysteryScienceTheater3000S04E04TeenagersFromOuterSpace next episode]], Joel is putting them through BehavioralConditioning.
* CallBack: Frank singing "[[Film/TheGiantGilaMonster I sing whenever I sing whenever I sing]]" to himself during the opening skit.
** Joel makes a quick joke about a phone in the movie being the Cheese Phone that the Mads once used [[Recap/MysteryScienceTheater3000S03E13EarthVsTheSpider in a previous invention exchange]].
** Crow loses his eyes in the first segment and says [[DullSurprise "help me"]] in the same inflection as the random blind man from ''Film/RocketAttackUSA.''
** Joel references ''Film/TheSidehackers'', ''Film/MightyJack'' and ''Film/PodPeople'' when singing to the credits, ending with his comparisons with a CurseCutShort.
** Crow mocks a buggy computer, saying "Must be System 7". Servo, the avowed Mac fan, protests "Hey!", harkening back to Crow and Servo's [[UsefulNotes/ComputerWars PC/Mac debate]] from ''[[Recap/MysteryScienceTheater3000S03E04GameraVsBarugon Gamera Vs. Barugon]]''.
* CelebCrush: Crow's crush on Kim Cattrall begins here and continues until ''Film/TheMagicSword,'' where his affections switch to Estelle Winwood.
* EndingFatigue: Servo and Crow get ''really'' impatient during the end credits, annoyed that they can't leave. [[invoked]]
-->'''Servo:''' ''CAN WE JUST PLEASE LEAVE NOW?!''
* EvenNerdsHaveStandards: Crow and Servo have this exchange as they sort through their comic books (also doubles as a TakeThat):
-->'''Crow:''' Shouldn't we be carefully placing these comic books in plastic bags?
-->'''Servo:''' No, we have lives.
* FilkSong: The guys make up their own snarky lyrics to the end credits rap.
* GettingCrapPastTheRadar: "Would you guys mind if I opened [[GagCensor my umbrella]] here, I just thought that--you never know when something..."
* GlassesPull: Observed in Kim Cattrall's character:
-->'''Tom Servo''': She just has those glasses so she can pull them off dramatically.
-->'''Crow''': [[CelebCrush I like it!]]
* InstantSoprano: Referenced during a BatterUp brawl when one of the thugs falls prey to a Groin Attack:
-->Look, now he's a Vienna Boys Clipper!
* RunningGag: A variation on "This is CNN" is uttered nearly every time James Earl Jones's character appears on screen.
* SceneryCensor: Joel stands up just at the right time while holding an umbrella to obscure Frankie skinny-dipping.
* SeasonalRot: In-Universe. For their Invention Exchange, the Mads use Pop Star Tupperware to keep the freshness in pop stars, with Music/{{Morrissey}} as a start.
* ShoutOut: "[[Film/ButchCassidyAndTheSundanceKid Rules? In a knife fight?]]"
** As Robby Benson's character is talking on the phone, Crow responds as the other end of the call by saying, "Uh, yeah, your girlfriend just threw something off a bridge." That's a reference to Benson's role in TheFilmOfTheSong ''Ode to Billy Joe''.
* SuperTeam: Joel and the bots develop a list of increasingly oddly named superheroes to fill out their "Fantastic 85" (upgraded later in the episode to the "Fantastic 185").
-->'''Crow:''' Super Sim Catrall!
-->'''Joel:''' ''(confused)'' Super ''Sim'' Catrall?!
* {{Troll}}: Joel clearly was getting a kick out of using [[SceneryCensor his umbrella]].
* WithLyrics: The guys sing along with the end credits.

->'''Bolo:''' [[TheStinger AHHHHHHH!!!]] ''[[TheStinger (gets hit with an RC plane)]]''