Recap / Mystery Science Theater 3000 S 03 E 17 Viking Women And The Sea Serpent

Films watched: "The Home Economics Story" (short) and Viking Women and the Sea Serpent

"The Home Economics Story" is an educational short in which college-bound girls learn about the career possibilities a home economics degree would lead to.

This episode contains examples of:

  • Big Lipped Alligator Moment: invoked Many fans had no idea where the heck the concept of Willy the Waffle came from 'til Squirm.
  • Callback: A lot of references to Teenage Caveman and how it and Viking Women have similar-looking sets.
    • At one point, Servo starts referring to the dark-haired woman, Enger, as "Creepy Girl", the woman he developed a crush on in Catalina Caper. Judging by his reaction, it seems he still has feelings for her.
  • Fair for Its Day: The short is a borderline case. The late 40s and early 50s were a time when women were being aggressively pushed to go back into the home and forget about work, so in a sense encouraging girls to go to college, even if the purpose was to study home economics, was progressive; by the same token the short aggressively pushing the storyline that a job was only something for a girl to have until she could find a man was perfectly in keeping with the social pressures of the day.
  • Fan Nickname: "Todd" for Ottar, the token Viking guy.
  • Fashion-Victim Villain: In-universe: Lots of jokes at the expense of Stark's furry outfit.
  • Homage: Willy the Waffle is based on Coily from the short A Case of Spring Fever, which would finally appear in a season 10 episode.
  • Memetic Mutation: invoked "I'm a Grimald warrior!"
  • Notable Original Music: The Waffle Song
  • Obligatory Joke:
    Enger: But I've grown in many ways.
  • Padding: invoked Those great Corman walking scenes.
  • Running Gag: Waffles.
  • Sitch Sexuality: When Desir is talking to the other women about how long it's been since the Viking men left:
    Tom (as Desir): Let's put it this way: you're starting to look pretty good to me.
  • Shout-Out:
    • Multiple to The Lord of the Rings at the beginning of the film.
    • As noted above, many to Teenage Caveman, a previous Corman film.
    • As Stark laments Desir's death...
    Stark: My son! My son!
    Servo: I love my dead gay son!
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Joel canít stop thinking of waffles in this episode.
    Forrester: Well Aunt Jemima, this time youíve really stepped off the deep end!