Recap / Meteors Betrayal And Fourzes Revival Part 9

Taking place after Gentaro's initial attack on Mitsuzane and before Eric Draven's brainwashing, Eric Draven, who is in a very quiet House of Friendship at the moment. As there were notes on the doors of the temples, he enters Gentaro's temple. After entering the temple, he finds a comic of Gentaro in despair, and then he reads a diary that reads:

I have done nothing to displease everyone...right? I've done my hardest to make people smile, because their happiness is more important than mine. But now, what Micchy it true? Is everyone using me? Am I...all alone?

After reading the Diary entry, Eric disappears. However, he was knocked out by an unknown figure.

Later, Fluttershy, Ryusei, and Draven were walking around the pantheon, noticing the changes throughout the pantheon. Fluttershy notices they were in the House of Life and Death, prompting Draven to kick Ryusei in the stomach. Realizing that the comic was making sense now, the kind mare asked Eric of Gentaro's whereabouts, something which Eric replies by pressing his foot on Ryusei's neck, prompting Fluttershy to protect Ryusei. This however, fails as Draven implanting all of the memories of Gentaro's melancholy in Fluttershy's mind, causing her to scream. Discord, who was in the House of Knowledge interrogating Mao, heard Fluttershy's scream, prompting him to teleport to her, only to see hear in tears, infuriating him. Discord tries to drive Eric out, but fails. Eric then makes a deal with Discord to cure Fluttershy, in exchange for Ryusei's body, which the hybrid monster reluctantly accepts. Eric fulfills his deal and leaves with Ryusei. Now out of leads, Discord suggests that they should receive help from the House of Friendship. Suddenly, Rainbow Dash appears and tells them that Pinkie Pie needs them for urgent reasons.

Meanwhile in the pantheon Wrestling Federation, the Mystery Incorporated gang, along with Wallace and Gromit, are setting up traps to capture the mastermind.

Later, Ryusei found himself in the Court of the Gods. He tries to prove he did nothing wrong. However, Phoenix Wright objects to this, saying that he has evidence of a crime he allegedly committed. Realizing that this isn't the Phoenix he knows, he realizes something was off.

Meanwhile in the House of Food, the rest of the Kamen Rider Club, along with Tiana and Charlotte Labouff, having a chat of Ryusei's act of murder against Gentaro. JK mentions the whole thing was a dream, causing Tiana to get remind of Dr. Facillier's illusions. Charlotte explains that he manipulated her to marry a man, hurting her father in process to make New Orleans a playground. He tried to seduce Tiana with her dream restaurant. Tiana reveals that he could never have the love she had for her restaurant, or her people. Hearing their story gives the Kamen Rider Club a clue, that someone put a spell on Ryusei to kill Gentaro. With this, the Kamen set out to find clues.

Tropes featured in this chapter:

  • Always Save the Girl: Discord ultimately relents and let's Eric go to spare Fluttershy.
  • Break the Cutie: When Draven implants the memories of Gentaro's melancholic adventures into Fluttershy, she broke down into tears.
  • Eureka Moment: When Tiana and Charlotte explained their story about their adventures against Dr. Facillier, the Kamen Rider got a clue for the event with Ryusei.
  • Mind Rape: Eric does it to Fluttershy, breaking the poor pegasus.
  • No-Sell: Fluttershy's "The Stare" is useless against Eric.
  • Out-of-Character Alert: Ryusei knows he's in a dream when Phoenix Wright is not defending him for his actions.
  • Sadistic Choice: Eric Draven gives one to Discord: Either he can keep fighting Eric to get Ryusei, or let Eric go and let Fluttershy be free. He chooses the latter.