Recap / Lupin IIIS 3 E 10

"The Flying Zantetsuken" note , with the English title "The Yam Is Mightier Than The Sword" was released on December 4, 1978.

Lupin and the gang are in Chicago, Illinois for a deal with the mafia. As a bunch of tanks roll around, Lupin and Jigen leave, having Goemon uses his sword, the Zantetsuken, to deal with them. The mafia notices and offers Fujiko a million dollars to steal it for them. She drugs Lupin, Goemon and Jigen, steals the sword and brings it back to the mafia. They plan on using the sword to settle a matter in an African peace treaty deal.

When Goemon wakes and finds his sword is gone, he tries to kill himself out of honor, only to be intervened by Zenigata, who places him in prison. Lupin rescues him and the three set out to look for the sword, while Fujiko sees the mafia's plans to start a huge war and goes to stop them. The three come across the Zantetsuken attached to a remote controlled airplane. The sword cuts down a part of the wing and the plane goes down.

As the three figure out a way to get the sword back, the mafia retreats. Fujiko takes pictures to prove that the mafia is using the sword. Goemon remembers that his Zantetsuken can't cut through one thing: Devil's Tongue, a yam paste. The three look for yams and use the paste on their plane.

While Fujiko attempts to follow the mafia Lupin takes to fighting them again, this time with the sword being unable to cut through the paste. When the remote controlled plane breaks Goemon uses his newly acquired sword to cut through part of one of the mob members cars, allowing for Zenigata to arrest him.