Recap / Lupin IIIS 2 E 11

"Wager on the Monaco GP"note , with the English title "Who's Vroomin' Who?" Released in 2003 by Geneon on Volume 2: Love Heist.

The episode opens in sunny Monaco with Lupin practicing his laps around the Monaco Grand Prix track. His times are good, and he expresses pleasure at the idea he might break a track record. Meanwhile, Fujiko, arriving separately, is picked up by a mysterious car. She is taken to meet a mysterious man, Socrates Nexus, who declares he hopes she can persuade Lupin on to his "team".

Lupin wants to stay in and study the race route carefully, but a bored Jigen persuades both him and Goemon to go out gambling, as they are in Monaco. The three head out, followed by Nexus' men. Lupin has the run of the poker table, until Nexus himself shows up with Fujiko at his side, and challenges Lupin to continue his run of luck at the tables. Frustrated by Fujiko on the arm of another man, Lupin jumps into the game with no regard. Nexus cleans him out, thanks to some help in cheating from his lackeys, until a desperate Lupin bids with his clothes, Jigen's clothes, and finally his racecar. Predictably, Nexus wins. Goemon, who has lost everything at slots in the meantime, joins the three in a shameful, half-naked walk back to the hotel.

Once there, Fujiko appears and outlines Nexus' plan to use Lupin: Nexus is hosting a party for a bunch of naive, wealthy compulsive gamblers, and he plans to use Lupin as a dark horse bet against the bigger name racers to ply the newcomers out of most of their money. By taking Lupin's car, Nexus can guarantee Lupin's help. Lupin resents being manipulated in this way and refuses to help, so Fujiko introduces a new plan to get back against Nexus, and perhaps leave him with empty pockets instead.

As the race starts, Nexus' men pack up the money from the bets to remove in an armored van to his casino for safety. While Lupin takes to the track, Fujiko, Goemon, and Jigen intercept the van in a tanker truck, pulling in front of it. They release the gas, causing the van to lose control; Jigen then lights the gas on fire to entice the men out of the van. Meanwhile, Goemon and Fujiko go after the money in firesuits, but as Fujiko grabs the cases, one of Nexus' men pulls off her helmet and identifies her. Nexus' henchmen inform him of the robbery and the culprits, and he orders them to stop Lupin's gang from leaving town. The gang is cut off by road blocks, preventing them from escaping and foiling their original plan.

Jigen informs Lupin of this development via radio. Lupin quickly comes up with another idea after seeing another driver crash. Fujiko and Jigen make their way to the pit, while Goemon heads for another spot off the track. Lupin pulls into the pit and has all six tires changed; with a wink, he continues on (with a brief interruption by Zenigata). At one of the curves, he purposely crashes the car through the guard rail and into the water below. There, Goemon is waiting on a boat for him; he slices open the new tires on Lupin's car to reveal the missing money stashed within.

Nexus has not only lost the race because he bet on Lupin, but the many guests who bet on the big name who won now want their money. As the gang revels in victory, Nexus is left broke and despondent. The gang heads over to Macao, where they begin their gambling anew. Alas, they have as much luck as they did in Monaco, and before they know it, they are once again, and as usual, out all of their winnings.

This episode features examples of:

  • Absurdly Sharp Blade: This time, Goemon opens an armored van and a set of tires with his sword.
  • Aluminum Christmas Trees: A race car with six wheels, the Tyrrell P34, actually existed at the time the episode was made.
  • The Bet: In this case, Lupin winning the Monaco Grand Prix versus a more famous racer.
  • Department of Redundancy Department: Nexus' rant when he finds out Lupin's gang have made off with his money.
    Nexus: Get them, you hear me? Get them and kill them and get the money and then kill them again!
  • No Celebrities Were Harmed: Socrates Nexus, shipping magnate, is a reference to Aristotle Onassis, shipping magnate. Famous Formula 1 racers Jackie Stewart and Nikki Lauda are directly namechecked during the episode as well.
  • Strip Poker: Lupin and (unwillingly) Jigen and Fujiko.
  • Seppuku: Goemon threatens to do this after losing all his money to the slot machines again.
  • Trapped by Gambling Debts: The motivation Nexus uses to attempt to get Lupin's assistance.