Recap / Lupin IIIS 1 E 15

"The Two Faces of Lupin" note , with the English title "Crude Reproduction, Perfect Frame" was released on January 23, 1978.

Zenigata goes to inspect a note left by Lupin, saying that he'll steal the Star of Versailles in two days time. As the owner of the jewel worries that Lupin will show up before then Zenigata tells him not to worry, because Lupin considers himself a gentlemen thief. After he leaves however, a Lupin impersonator shows up, steals the jewel and kills the man. When Lupin and the gang are confronted with the news, both Jigen and Goemon are convinced that it was Lupin who did it, since he left his fingerprints behind.

Lupin tries to convince them otherwise and says that they now have to go after the African Queen, a ruby bigger and better than the Star of Versailles. Meanwhile, Fujiko attempts to steal the African Queen for herself, before the Lupin impersonator shows up and botches the attempt. The next day, Fujiko goes to confront Lupin and the two storm away in anger, leaving Jigen and Goemon to meet Dr. Normill, a psychiatrist who claims that he can figure out what's going on with Lupin.

He invites Jigen, Goemon and Lupin to his house and has them observe Lupin through a one way window. As they do, they see that Lupin has gone through a transform, which the doctor dubs as 'Transformation Sickness' and says that at midnight Lupin will transform and attack. As Goemon and Jigen leave, they tell him to take care of Lupin. It's revealed that Dr. Normill is the head of the impersonator's plan to frame Lupin for the murders.

When Lupin goes back home he finds the body of a dead girl in his closet. When he goes to Dr. Normill he tells him he has Transformation Sickness and that there's nothing he can do to help. Now convinced that he was the one murdering people, Lupin begs to be put out of his misery. When Goemon and Jigen refuse, Lupin goes to do it himself before Fujiko stops him and asks to observe Lupin to see if he really is the one commiting the murders. When midnight comes Lupin doesn't transform and decides it's time to get back at the doctor.

Lupin, disguised as the doctor, goes with Zenigata on a stake out and sees both Jigen and Lupin transform into the impostor and Dr. Normill. Zenigata arrests the two, and Lupin and Fujiko revel in their success.

This episode features examples of:

  • Adaptation Distillation: In the manga, the doctor shows Jigen and Goemon footage of Lupin transforming into a woman, saying that the disease has progressed, then reveals that he has the condition as well. This element didn't make it into the anime likely due to being just a brief throwaway gag (and kinda ridiculous, with the English version of the manga having the fake Lupin tell the doctor that he's getting carried away).
  • Adaptation Expansion: Fujiko's whole role in the story was added for the episode, since she wasn't present at all in the original manga story. Likewise, the doctor being a friend of Lupin II was also an invention of the anime.
  • Paper-Thin Disguise: It's fairly obvious which Lupin is the real one and which one the fake is.
  • Shout-Out: The English dub of the episode calls 'Transformation Sickness' 'Hyde's Disease.'