Recap / Lunaverse S 1 E 6 Ill Communication

Bon Bon: Pinkie Pie, if you give us back Lyra's lyres, I promise I'll only break one of your legs. And you even get to choose which one! Come on, you don't need one of your hind legs to bake, do you?

Written by RK_Striker_JK_5

Trixie nerves herself up as she prepares for her mission, which turns out to be buying muffins at Sugar Cube Corner. She is happy to see Carrot Cake at the counter, but he's quickly called away by his wife and Pinkie Pie takes over. She tries to sell Trixie on buying cupcakes even though Trixie only wants muffins. Pinkie, though, says that muffins are boring and insists that Trixie buy something more interesting. After some arguing, Pinkie gives in and reluctantly sells Trixie the muffins. Trixie pays for the muffins and runs off, needing a few minutes before she's calmed down from dealing with Pinkie Pie.

She goes to the post office and finds Ditzy, who she is meeting for lunch. The two then leave for Fluttershy's house, where Dinky is helping her with the bunny census. On the way, Trixie vents about Pinkie Pie and her general craziness, while Ditzy can only meekly say that her parties can be fun. Trixie says that they should be grateful that Pinkie isn't in charge of anything important, because disaster would surely ensue.

At Fluttershy's cottage, Dinky helps line up the bunnies so Fluttershy can perform the census. As the two chat after the census is over, a hungry parasprite finds and hides in a basket of apples. Trixie and Ditzy show up, Trixie complaining about Pokey, and Dinky runs to her mother and hugs her. Fluttershy, scared of Trixie, quickly hides behind her wings, so Trixie backs away a little bit. Fluttershy then tells Ditzy that Dinky did a great job. She pays Dinky her weekly three bits, and also gives her the apple basket as a bonus. Dinky carefully takes them all with her telekinesis.

Ditzy and Dinky leave Fluttershy and find Trixie, who started on the muffins early. Embarrassed, she agrees to carry the apples back to town. Ditzy asks if Trixie's upcoming magic show at the Eventime Festival will be safe, since Trixie did turn Lyra into a hominoid previously, but Trixie assures her that it will be. She says that, barring some catastrophe, the Eventime Festival will go off without a hitch.

The three return to Ditzy's apartment, Trixie still complaining about Pokey's antics. They prepare for lunch, but Trixie realizes that the basket of apples no longer has any apples in it. It only has parasprites, which none of them recognize. Dinky thinks they are adorable and asks if she can keep one, but the parasprites quickly begin devouring the muffins. Trixie grabs them with her telekinesis, but they begin spawning, and soon there are too many for Trixie to hold all at once. She quickly seals off the room by shutting the door and window, but Dinky tells her that some were on the other side of the door.

Trixie goes after them, leaving Ditzy and Dinky to deal with the ones in the apartment. Ditzy yells at them to get away from her pantry, and then to get away from Dinky. Hearing this, Trixie returns to find that there are vastly more parasprites than before. She enlists Dinky, and they begin using their telekinesis to get the parapsrites into bags. Trixie also sends Ditzy out to warn the town; after promising that she will protect Dinky, she convinces Ditzy to go. Ditzy leaves and finds that the parasprites have entered the downstairs post office, where Postmaster Silver Script is futilely trying to beat them back. He tells her that some did escape the post office building before he got the door closed, so Ditzy leaves to warn the town.

In the streets, Ditzy passes by Pinkie Pie, who sees the parasprites, names them, and says that she needs a banjo. She runs off before Ditzy can question her. Daisy, of the flower trio, then sees the parasprites and begins to panic.

Ditzy yells to all the ponies in the street that they need to find Pinkie and get her a banjo, but no one wants to listen to her. The parasprites continue to multiply, and soon, everyone begins to panic. Ditzy bumps into Raindrops, and the two of them work out a plan. Ditzy will continue trying to keep an eye on the streets, and Raindrops will go to the Confectionarium, since Lyra and Bonbon live above it so it probably has instruments.

Meanwhile, Trixie and Dinky have bagged all the parasprites in the post office and upstairs apartment. Dinky wants to help Trixie save the town, but Trixie doesn't want to take her out into the chaos. She convinces Dinky to help Silver Script sweep the post office and make sure they didn't miss any.

Ditzy, flying around the town to try to find Pinkie, sees Trixie. She asks what happened at the post office, and the two exchange what they know. Trixie doesn't want to trust or deal with Pinkie Pie, but Ditzy says that Pinkie at least seems to know what they are and have a plan for fighting them, so they should give her the benefit of the doubt. Trixie reluctantly agrees.

After two hours of searching, neither Ditzy or Trixie can find Pinkie. They do find the Confectionarium, just in time to see Raindrops falling out of an upper story window. She says that Pinkie showed up (despite the whole building being sealed) and wouldn't explain anything, and now Bonbon's ready to kill her. Ditzy flies Trixie back into the building, with Raindrops following and shutting the window behind them.

Inside, Pinkie has grabbed Lyra's two lyres. Bonbon says that, if she gives them back, she'll only hurt Pinkie a little. Pinkie dodges around and evades everyone's attempts to grab her, so Trixie begins to yell at her and demand an explanation. Ditzy also asks for one, albeit more politely. Pinkie says there's no time to talk, but Trixie insists. Pinkie Pie then says that no one listens to her anyway, but Trixie turns that back on her, saying that she never listens to anyone. She, Trixie argues, never takes the time to find out what other ponies really want; she just throws parties and pushes 'fun' foods on others, regardless of if they actually want them. She then promises to listen to Pinkie. Pinkie finally explains that, when she was at home on her rock farm, the family used a specific tune to drive parasprites away. She apologizes to everyone, and they begin making plans to collect instruments. Pinkie also offers to play them a recording of the tune so Lyra and others can help with the music.

Later, the others watch as Pinkie, Lyra, and Blues Noteworthy march the parasprites away. Ditzy and Dinky don't have any food, so Trixie and Bonbon offer them some. Trixie sighs over how long it will take to calculate the damages, especially with the Eventime festival approaching. Dinky again asks to help, and Ditzy, having seen how Trixie was able and willing to protect Dinky, okays this.

The next day, Trixie shows up at the Sugar Cube Corner. She and Pinkie Pie apologize to each other for not listening when the other one is talking, and agree to meet and chat later.

Windowpane approaches the residency, only for Pokey to tell him that, for once, Trixie's window remained intact.