Recap / Lunaverse S 1 E 1 W 1 The Night After

It doesn't matter how tired you may be. It doesn't matter how bad your day has been. It does not matter that the only thing you want to do is to sit down and relax. When you're a performer, your fans will think the world of you, and the worst feeling is the feeling of letting even one of them down. - Trixie's grandfather, Quartermoon the Magnificent

Written by Blackbelt

Following directly on from the ending of Longest Night, Longest Day, Trixie is trying to find a place to sleep for the night, since her residence was destroyed by an angry mob. She first stops by the Ponyville Motel, only to find that it's being remodeled. She then looks for Carrot Top, since her friend is the Element of Generosity and would probably be willing to lend her a room. Unfortunately, Carrot Top isn't home. Trixie next tries the Doo residence, only to see Ditzy comforting Dinky inside and helping her calm down and go to sleep. Dinky asks if she can sleep in Ditzy's bed that night, and the two embrace. Unwilling to break up the moment, Trixie moves on.

Trixie next tries the home of Lyra and Bonbon, but they appear to be having extremely loud sex, to the point that Trixie hears them from outside, freaks out, and runs away. She opts for Raindrops' house next, but finds only Snails. Snails is ecstatic to see her, and asks Trixie for an autograph. Despite her exhaustion, Trixie agrees. Raindrops shows up and asks Trixie what's going on. Trixie first signs Snails' autograph, then realizes that this is the home of Raindrops' parents, and Raindrops presumably still lives with them. Raindrops acknowledges this and says that Snails is her little brother. Trixie asks to stay over, but Raindrops says they don't have room, and Snails would keep Trixie up all night anyway.

Trixie leaves for her final friend, Cheerilee, only to find that she's completely drunk. Despite her inebriation, she remembers some Equestrian by-laws stipulating that the town hall must have spare rooms for visiting officials. Trixie goes to the town hall, only to find that Carrot Top is the night clerk. She gives Trixie the room key, and Trixie finally has a place to sleep.

Later that night, Trixie has a nightmare about facing Corona, who sounds just like Lyra and Bonbon having sex. Trixie awakes with a scream. When Carrot Top checks on her, Trixie says that she wants to report a noise violation.


  • Adorkable: Snails, who loved Trixie's magic show and asks for her autograph.
  • Brain Bleach: Trixie finds herself in great need of some after hearing Lyra and Bon Bon in the throes of passion.
    Trixie: SHUT UP BRAIN!
  • Go Mad from the Revelation: Trixie fears that this might happen to her after hearing Bon Bon's scream of pleasure. Given that she starts having nightmares about it, perhaps she's right...