Recap / Lunaverse S 1 E 15 Tales Of Ponyville

"I hurt somepony once. Bad. It was the worst day of my life." - Raindrops
"Hereís a bit of free advice: never look back at your life and try to write down the names of all the friends youíve had over the years." - Trixie
"Sometimes I wonder if itís all downhill from here. If Iíve plateaued already, that the best days of my life have passed me by." - Cheerilee
"Love is a complicated thing. At a glance, Bon Bon and I donít have a whole lot in common, but weíd each do anything for each other. Iíd even venture into hostile territory with a peace offering for her. Two ponies donít have to be the same to be in love. Itís a greater force than that." - Lyra
"ďMind the jangles, Carrot Top,Ē my grandmother used to say to me, ďmind the jangles, and the bits will take care of themselves.Ē She was probably right." - Carrot Top
"Iíll never fly at supersonic speeds, Iíll never find a lost city, Iíll never rule a kingdom. But I will do everything I can to make tomorrow a better place for everypony Ė because if I do that, then tomorrow will be a better place for my daughter." - Ditzy Doo

Tropes in this fic include:

  • Call-Back: Trixie mentions she'd been planning to experiment with "Truth is a Scourge" before, but then there was that little incident with Twilight Sparkle...
  • Completely Missing the Point:
    • Cheerilee takes Bon Bon's sarcastic comment about Trixie learning about sex at face value, and goes off to give her The Talk. When she gets to Trixie's house, she thinks Raindrops was trying to take advantage of her.
    • Rainbow Dash arranges for the massive storm to pass over Ponyville just to make thing easier for Fluttershy. Carrot Top calls her on this, but Rainbow thinks she's being complemented.
  • Dramatically Missing the Point: Trixie sees Raindrops smiling, singing and splashing around in the rain, and assumes she must be an imposter. She isn't. Raindrops just really loves the rain.
  • Manchild: Lyra and Bon Bon. Lyra sees nothing wrong with sleeping in 'till two in the afternoon, thinks that a picnic should only be candy (especially if it means she doesn't have to leave the house), and goes along with Bon Bon's idea of dropping water on an already soaking wet Cheerilee. Bon Bon, meanwhile, insists on having brown eggs to make brownies, despite Lyra and the farmer she buys eggs from pointing out there's no difference, and comes up with dropping a bucket of water on a soaking wet Cheerilee.
  • Mythology Gag:
    • In the show, Cheerilee helped coin the term "blank flank". Here, she has just enough awareness to realise that giving the kids something like that isn't a good idea.
    • In "Ticket Masters", Celestia sent Twilight only one ticket and caused massive problems. Here, Luna gives the Bearers their gala tickets all at once.
  • Shout-Out: When Carrot Top asks whether Rainbow Dash might get into trouble for allowing the massive storm to hit Ponyville, she thinks the most that will happen is she'll get chewed out, which she's not worried about. She's been chewed out before.
  • That Came Out Wrong: Trixie's spell requires mouth-to-mouth contact. When a confused and annoyed Raindrops asks what the hell's going on, Trixie exclaims she interrupted before they got to "the good part".