Recap / Lunaverse S 1 E 15 Tales Of Ponyville

"I hurt somepony once. Bad. It was the worst day of my life." - Raindrops
"Hereís a bit of free advice: never look back at your life and try to write down the names of all the friends youíve had over the years." - Trixie
"Sometimes I wonder if itís all downhill from here. If Iíve plateaued already, that the best days of my life have passed me by." - Cheerilee
"Love is a complicated thing. At a glance, Bon Bon and I donít have a whole lot in common, but weíd each do anything for each other. Iíd even venture into hostile territory with a peace offering for her. Two ponies donít have to be the same to be in love. Itís a greater force than that." - Lyra
"ďMind the jangles, Carrot Top,Ē my grandmother used to say to me, ďmind the jangles, and the bits will take care of themselves.Ē She was probably right." - Carrot Top
"Iíll never fly at supersonic speeds, Iíll never find a lost city, Iíll never rule a kingdom. But I will do everything I can to make tomorrow a better place for everypony Ė because if I do that, then tomorrow will be a better place for my daughter." - Ditzy Doo