Recap / Lost S 06 E 09 The Package

Season 6, Episode 10:

The Package

Someone spies on the Man in Black and his "recruits" using night vision. Jin is wrapping his wounded ankle in bandages when the Man in Black sits down, asking what he knows about the cave. Jin already knows about the names of the Candidates, so the Man in Black explains that in order to leave the Island, everyone whose name hasn't been crossed off needs to leave together. He tells Jin not to worry about Sun.

Jin is finally released from customs security with his luggage and the watch, but not the money, which has been confiscated. Neither Jin nor Sun understand exactly what's happened, since they don't speak English, but Jin tells her that he doesn't know what the money was for, only that it was to go to the man he was supposed to meet at the restaurant. Since they've missed the meeting, Sun and Jin go to their hotel but there's initially a mixup and they're given just the one room. Jin has to request a second room, telling the reception clerk that he and Sun are not married.

The Man in Black tells Sayid to keep an eye on the camp while he runs an errand overnight. Sayid reveals that he's lost the ability to feel anything—pain, anger, even happiness—but the Man in Black thinks that considering what's to come, not feeling anything might be best. Once "Locke" has gone, Jin starts packing a bag and preparing to leave, which catches Sawyer's attention. Sawyer tries to convince Jin to stay and help him carry out the escape plan, but Jin only wants to find Sun. Just then, someone starts firing tranquilizer darts into the camp, knocking everyone unconscious. Tina Fey's stunt double Zoe and the Nerd Herders the rest of Widmore's goons locate Jin and take him. On the beach, tensions are rising as "Jacob's followers" are left with nothing to do but wait, since Ilana still believes that Richard will return and give them instructions. Eventually Sun gets fed-up, slams her knife into a makeshift table and storms off into the jungle. Jack follows her to the garden that Sun used to keep, though it's completely overgrown and all the plants are dead. He relays his experience in the lighthouse, but Sun doesn't care about Candidates or destiny. She just wants to find Jin, and tells Jack to leave her alone.

Jin goes to Sun's hotel room, angry that he failed to deliver the watch and planning to go to the restaurant anyway. Sun invites him inside and tells him it's a silly idea, since it's already 11:30pm. It's revealed that despite not being married, they are in a relationship and very much in love, and Jin spends the night in Sun's room...

Sun is pulling the dead plants out of her garden when the Man in Black appears and tells her that Jin is back at his camp, offering to take Sun there. She is suspicious, having learned about the slaughter at the Temple, but the Man in Black shrugs it off. He offers his hand, but instead, Sun starts running through the jungle, nervously looking back over her shoulder at the Man in Black, until she accidentally runs into a low-hanging branch and is knocked out.

The next morning, Sun suggests that she and Jin should run away together, saying she has a secret account that they could use to disappear. Though he loves Sun, Jin doesn't like the idea of running away. Sun is about to tell him something important when there's a knock at the door. Jin hides in the bathroom while Sun answers the door and finds Martin Keamy waiting there: he's the man that Jin is supposed to meet.

Ben finds Sun unconscious in the jungle, with a bad knock on the head and somehow unable to speak English anymore, though she's able to tell Ben that "Locke" was there. In the jungle, the Man in Black returns to his camp and finds everyone tranquilized. He wakes Sayid, finds out about the attack and asks about what happened to Jin. In Room 23 on Hydra Island, Jin wakes up and gets a quick glimpse of the psychedelic light-and-noise show when Zoe arrives. Jin tries to leave, but Zoe hits him with a taser and shows him a grid map drawn up by the DHARMA Initiative, signed by Jin-Soo Kwon and mapping pockets of electromagnetic energy. Jin says he'll only talk to the boss, and Zoe agrees. At the recruits' camp, the Man in Black sends Sayid on a mission before talking to Claire, who is wondering whether or not her name was on the list of Candidates. She still has some… negative feelings towards Kate, but the Man in Black reminds her that Kate isn't to be touched. At least, not until they're off the Island. As he and Sayid leave, they're stopped by Sawyer.

Sawyer: What's up with the guns? You two goin' somewhere?
The Man in Black: We're taking a boat ride over to the other island.
Sawyer: What do you need a boat for? Can't you just turn into smoke and fly your ass over the water?
The Man in Black: Do you think if I could do that I would still be on this island?
Sawyer: No, 'cause that would be ridiculous. What the hell are you goin' over there for anyway? Thought you were tryin' to avoid Charlie Widmore.
The Man in Black: They took one of our people, James. So I'm going to get him back.

Sun gives Keamy the watch, in the process trying to hide evidence that Jin was ever in the room. However, Keamy and his henchman, Omar, spot two champagne glasses and quickly find Jin hiding in the bathroom. Sun and Jin suggest paying Keamy off using the money she saved for running away, while Keamy sends for a translator: Mikhail. Once Mikhail arrives and is able to translate, Sun tells Keamy about the money being confiscated in customs and agrees to pay him off herself. Keamy sends Mikhail and Sun to the bank to get the money, while he takes Jin to the restaurant. Jin asks Keamy not to tell Sun's father about their relationship, and Keamy agrees.

At the beach camp, Jack inspects Sun's head wound and diagnoses her with aphasia, a temporary, trauma-induced condition that affects the language centres of her brain and prevents her from speaking English, though she can still understand it. Ilana is suspicious of Ben, who protests that he didn't do anything to Sun, only found her in the jungle. Just then, Richard and Hurley return. Richard tells them all to pack their bags: they're leaving. On Hydra Island, the Man in Black pulls up on the shore in an outrigger and finds that a sonic fence has been erected around the perimeter. He asks to speak with Widmore and the Nerd Herders lead him around the shoreline to where Widmore is waiting.

Widmore: Do you know who I am?
The Man in Black: Charles Widmore. Do you know who I am?
Widmore: Obviously you're not John Locke. Everything else I know is a combination of myth, ghost stories, and jungle noises in the night.
The Man in Black: I think you know more than that, judging by these pylons.
Widmore: Why did you come here?
The Man in Black: You took one of my people, Jin Kwon.
Widmore: I have no idea what you're talking about.
The Man in Black: A wise man once said that war was coming to this island, I think it just got here.

At the beach camp, Richard determines that the Man in Black is attempting to use the Ajira plane to escape the Island, and proposes that they blow it up. This angers Sun, who rants at Richard (albeit in Korean) that she's not interested in "saving the world", only in saving her husband and bringing him home.

Sun and Mikhail are at the bank, attempting to withdraw the money, but the account has already been closed by Sun's father. At Keamy's restaurant, he and Omar tie Jin to a chair and leave him in a walk-in refrigerator. Knowing that Jin can't understand him, Keamy reveals that the money and the watch were payment from Sun's father for a hit on Jin, as punishment for Jin's relationship with Sun.

Jin looks on as Widmore chews out Zoe for kidnapping Jin in the first place, forcing him to move up the entire timetable. Zoe replies that maybe Widmore should've put a mercenary in charge rather than a geophysicist. Once Zoe has left, Jin demands to know what Widmore wants. Widmore sets Jin's mind at ease by giving him a digital camera: Sun's camera, recovered from the Ajira plane, and full of photos of Ji Yeon. Jin is moved, almost to tears, as he looks at pictures of the daughter he's never met. Widmore tells Jin that any happiness he might have with Sun and Ji Yeon would be short lived if the Man in Black were to escape the Island, and takes him to see "the package". Jin asks what the package is, but Widmore replies that it's a "who", not a what.

Locked in the walk-in fridge, Jin hears gunshots from outside. Sayid enters but rather than free Jin outright, gives him a boxcutter so that he can cut the bonds himself. Later, Mikhail returns to the restaurant with Sun and finds everyone dead… except for Keamy, who is barely conscious. While Mikhail checks on Keamy, Jin gets the drop on him, putting a gun to the back of his head. Mikhail guesses that Jin isn't a killer and fights back; during the scuffle, the gun goes off, but Jin is able to wrestle it away and shoots Mikhail in the eye. Unfortunately, Sun has been hit by a stray bullet. As Jin carries her out of the restaurant, Sun reveals that she is pregnant.

Jack finds Sun sitting alone on the beach and gives her a notepad and pen so that she can communicate. He also gives her something else: a ripe tomato, recovered from Sun's garden when everything else growing there had died. Sun tells Jack that the Man in Black claimed to have Jin, but she didn't go with him because she didn't trust him. Jack asks if she trusts him, and when Sun nods, he promises to help her and Jin escape the Island. At the recruits' camp, Sawyer and Kate have a talk. He says that he's worried, but thinks everything will be all over soon because Widmore's people probably blew the Man in Black and Sayid away. Moments later, the Man in Black returns, sans Sayid. When Sawyer asks why, the Man in Black mentions the locked and guarded room on the submarine, and says that he doesn't like secrets. At the submarine dock on Hydra Island, Sayid is in the water, watching as Zoe and another Nerd Herder retrieve "the package" from the submarine: a drugged and groggy Desmond David Hume.