Recap / Lost S 06 E 02 What Kate Does

Season 6, Episode 3:

What Kate Does

On the heels of last week's cliffhanger, Lennon enters Dogen's private chamber and informs him that "he's alive". At the Spring, Hurley is ecstatic that Sayid is alive, Jack and Miles are very wary, Kate is confused and Sawyer is angry that an "Iraqi torturer who shoots kids" gets another chance at life. He's also busy plotting an escape from the Temple, asking Kate how many Others with guns she's seen.

Outside LAX, Kate gets in a taxi and forces the driver at gunpoint to go, accidentally kidnapping Claire in the process. They have to stop at the next pedestrian crossing to avoid running over Arzt, and Kate catches a glimpse of Jack on the sidewalk. Claire tries to get away but Kate forces her back into the taxi and tells the driver to get out of LAX as quickly as possible. While stopped at the next intersection, the driver makes a run for it. Kate takes Claire's purse and then tells her to get out as well before she driving away.

Jack and Jin help Sayid walk out to the Temple courtyard. Sayid asks where they are and Hurley fills him in on their situation. Miles notes that Hurley seems to have become the group's leader. Jack examines Sayid's bullet wound, which has almost completely closed up. Dogen, Lennon and the Others arrive and "ask" Sayid to come with them and answer some questions. Jack has questions of his own, but Lennon refuses to answer any until after they've talked to Sayid. When Jack stands his ground, the Others try to subdue the group but are interrupted by Sawyer, who's found a pistol and demands that he be allowed to leave. Dogen tells him that he has to stay, but Sawyer leaves anyway. The Others forcibly take Sayid inside while Lennon asks Jack where Sawyer will go, saying it's very important they bring him back. Kate volunteers to track him and bring him back, and Jin volunteers to accompany her.

Kate goes to a car repair lot and pays the local mechanic $200 to help her break off the handcuffs. He's very cool about her claim that she's a murderer. Kate grabs Claire's suitcase, still in the trunk of the taxi, and looks for some clothes, only to realise it's full of baby clothes and toys.

Kate, Jin and two of the Others head out into the jungle. In Dogen's chamber, Sayid is strapped to a table. Dogen and Lennon blow ash across Sayid's torso, electrocutes him with a hand-crank generator and burns him with a hot poker, all without asking any questions. Afterwards, Lennon tells Sayid that it was all a "test", to "be sure" of something, and that he passed, before two Others take him back to the Spring.

Lennon: [once he and Dogen are alone] I just lied to him, didn't I?
Dogen: Yes.

Regretting her actions earlier, Kate drives the cab back to where she left Claire and volunteers to drive her to wherever she was going. Reluctantly, Claire accepts.

Kate, Jin and the two Others—named Aldo and Justin—march through the jungle. Kate asks why they have to stay in the Temple; Aldo says it to protect them from the Monster. Jin asks about the Ajira plane, but Aldo refuses to answer and stops Justin from doing so as well. In fact, Aldo is incredibly standoffish in general, even getting upset when Kate spots the difference between a dummy trail and a real one. Justin stops her from walking into a booby trap. Jin guesses that it's one of Rousseau's, but Justin tells them she's been dead for years and gets shushed by Aldo before he can say anymore. When provoked by Kate, Aldo admits he was the Other that Kate, Sawyer and Alex knocked out to free Karl during their Hyrda Island escape. While he's distracted, Kate knocks Aldo out and pushes Justin into the booby trap, putting him down too. At the Temple, Sayid is brought to the Spring and tells the others what happened. Angry, Jack marches into Dogen's chamber and demands to know what's going on. Dogen and Lennon claim that Sayid has contracted "the Sickness" and give Jack a pill, supposedly a cure, for him to give to Sayid. They claim that Sayid's "torture" was their way of diagnosing him. Dogen plays on Jack's guilt over the people who died under his leadership, and tells him that if Sayid doesn't take the pill, the Sickness will spread. At the Spring, Hurley and Miles ask Sayid what he "remembers" about being dead. Jack returns and explains what the Others told him. Sayid says that he trusts Jack and will take the pill if he tells him to. In the jungle, Kate is planning to catch up with Sawyer, but Jin is only interested in finding Sun.

Kate drives Claire to her destination: the home of the couple who are adopting her baby. Claire asks Kate to come in with her, scared to do it alone. They knock on the door and the woman who answers, Mrs. Baskum, explains that her husband left her, and because of that she doesn't want the baby anymore. Distraught, Claire starts having contractions on the doorstep.

Kate arrives at the DHARMA Barracks and finds Sawyer in his old house, prying up the floorboards to get at an old shoebox he hid there years ago.

Kate brings Claire to the hospital, where Dr. Ethan Goodspeed tells her that she's ready to have the baby immediately. Claire decides to wait, thinking she's not ready, and moments later the baby starts flatlining.

Ethan: Ah, it, it could just mean the baby's out of position.
Claire: What are you saying?! What's happening to my baby?! [crying] Is my baby okay? Is Aaron okay?

As soon as she says "Aaron", the baby stabilizes and Ethan declares that everything is going to be fine.

Kate follows Sawyer out to the DHARMA wharf and tells him that she came back to the Island to find Claire and bring her back to Aaron. She apologises for getting on the submarine with him and Juliet in the first place, causing them to return to the Island. Sawyer is sorry he stopped Juliet from leaving when they first arrived in 1974, and blames himself for her death. He shows Kate the item he'd been keeping hidden in the shoebox under the floorboards: a diamond engagement ring he'd planned on giving to Juliet. In tears, he stands and tosses the ring into the ocean, then tells Kate to leave. At the Temple, in Dogen's chamber, Jack asks why Dogen uses an interpreter.

Dogen: I have to remain separate from the people I'm in charge of. It makes it easier when they don't like the decisions I make for them.
Jack: Who are you?
Dogen: My name is Dogen.
Jack: Are you from here, the island.
Dogen: I was brought here like everyone else.
Jack: What do you mean, "Brought here."?
Dogen: You know exactly what I mean.

Jack tells Dogen he didn't give Sayid the pill because he doesn't know what's in it and because he doesn't trust the Others—he doesn't even trust himself to make the right decision. Instead, Jack takes the pill himself, and Dogen violently forces him to cough it up. Caught, Dogen admits the pill is poison.

The police visit Claire in hospital and ask about Kate, who is hiding in the next room. Claire covers for her and the police leave. When asked, Kate implies that she's innocent of the crime she's accused of, though doesn't say what crime that is. Claire offers Kate a credit card as thanks for her help.

Kate: Aaron's a great name.
Claire: I don't know why I said it. It's like, I don't know, I knew it or something.

At the DHARMA Barracks, Sawyer goes back to his house, and Kate fills up her canteen before heading back into the jungle. At the temple, Dogen and Lennon pour Jack a cup of tea in Dogen's chamber. Jack asks why the Others would want to kill Sayid.

Dogen: We believe he has been... [speaks Japanese]
Lennon: Closest translation is "claimed".
Jack: Claimed. By what?
Dogen: There is a darkness growing in him and once it reaches his heart, everything your friend once was, will be gone.
Jack: How can you be sure of that?
Dogen: Because it happened to your sister.

In the jungle, Jin is drinking from a stream when Aldo and Justin sneak up and capture him. They are debating whether or not to kill him—Justin says he's "one of them," and Aldo retorts that "he may be one of them"—when Jin makes a run for it, only to be caught in a bear trap. Aldo is about to kill him when he gets shot in the chest himself, and Justin is also wounded. Jin looks around for the shooter and sees her standing on the ridge above him, dirty and wild-looking: Claire.